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Challenging high school students to explore new ideas

Project SEARCH is designed to provide an on-campus, intellectually challenging experience for academically motivated high school students. The program has been in operation since 1983, and the total program enrollment ranges from 200-225 students.

SEARCH's mission is to provide a forum in a college campus setting where high school students from southeastern New Hampshire and southern Maine can experience a series of presentations covering challenging interdisciplinary topics and interact with each other in discussion groups.

  • To foster positive attitudes toward the exploration of new and stimulating ideas through the exposure to presentations and subsequent group meetings through which they can hone their discussion skills.
  • To provide UNH graduate students with the experiential opportunity of developing group leadership and critical thinking skills for teaching intellectually curious students.
  • To encourage a positive spirit regarding the joy of learning through the collaboration of the high schools, their students, future teachers and practicing educators.

Current Participating Schools:


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New Hampshire Prospect Mountain High School, Alton
Coe Brown Northwood Academy Spaulding High School, Rochester
Dover High School Winnacunnet High School, Hampton
Epping High School  
Farmington High School Maine
Newmarket High School Noble High School, North Berwick
Nute High School, Milton  Traip Academy, Kittery
Upcoming presenters and schedule to be announced soon!
Past presentations and discussions:

The Election 
Poetry Slam
Taiko Drumming
Being Black in Maine
350NH (climate change)


Dreams of the Brain
Gay Marriage
The Art of Mime
Galileo - Living History
Civil Liberites and National Security

Animal Sanctuaries
The Bee Crisis
Herion/Opiate Issue
The Real Science of GMO's