Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid Offered by the English Department
Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants teach one section of English 401 (First-Year Writing) each semester while taking two graduate courses. There is a $19,760 stipend and a full tuition waiver. Students in all programs are eligible to apply. Students who apply for a teaching assistantship must submit both the Department Application for Financial Aid and the Teaching Assistant Application along with an expository writing sample a critical or term paper written for an English course – to help with the selection process. Students awarded teaching assistantships will take ENGL 910, The Teaching of Writing, in their first semester at UNH. Assistantships are awarded only to students who are enrolled in full-time coursework. Ph.D. and M.F.A. students do not continue to receive an assistantship during the period in which they have finished coursework but are writing their dissertation or thesis. In other words, Ph.D. students hold a teaching assistantship for the first four years and M.F.A students hold it for up to two and a half years. A number of summer grants are available to students who have held teaching assistantships during the previous academic year. A very limited number of ESL teaching assistantships are also available; ESL TAships are available to students in the M.A. in Language and Linguistics, and students with ESL experience.

In some cases, after a student's first year as a teaching assistant, he or she may be assigned to teach a class other than 401. All teaching assistants teaching a 500-level literature or composition course for the first time will be assigned a faculty mentor even if you have taught a similar course at another institution. (Each time you teach a new course – as opposed to repeating a course you have already taught – you will be assigned a faculty mentor). The purpose of faculty mentoring is to provide the teaching assistant guidance from a seasoned teacher of the course. Your faculty mentor will aid you in the planning of the course, offer guidance and support during the semester, observe your teaching, read your course evaluations and discuss them with you, and write a detailed letter about your teaching. This letter will be a valuable part of your job application dossier. For more information, see the Graduate Coordinator. Assignment of faculty mentors occurs in the middle of the semester before you will be teaching.

Tuition Scholarships

Full Tuition Scholarship

Tuition scholarships provide either a full or half tuition waiver for the academic year (though not a waiver of student fees). Students receiving tuition scholarships must be full-time students in the English graduate program. Full-time students in all programs are eligible to apply. The number of tuition scholarships available to masters students is limited. You can apply for this scholarship using the Department Application for Financial Aid.

Elizabeth Jones Scholarship

Amount of scholarship varies each academic year. Only full-time, unmarried students in the M.F.A. in Writing program are eligible to apply

Prizes and Awards

We award a number of prizes and awards annually.

General Information about Department Financial Aid

Financial aid awards are made in the fall and spring semesters, though the majority of awards are given in the fall. You must apply each semester to be considered. Notices will be sent to all students well before the deadline for application. The number of awards available varies widely from semester to semester. Awards are made by the Graduate Committee in consultation with the graduate faculty. The primary criterion is academic achievement.

If you are offered an award, you will receive a written offer detailing the nature and conditions of the award. 

New applicants are typically eligible for departmental financial aid beginning in the fall semester. The deadline for applying is Jan. 15. To apply for departmental financial aid students must complete a Department Application for Financial Aid and have submitted a completed application to the Graduate School by the deadline. In addition, students wishing to apply for a teaching assistantship must also complete an Application for Teaching Assistantship by the deadline.

Financial Aid Offered by the Graduate School

For those students attending part-time, the Graduate School provides a limited number of part-time tuition scholarships available on a competitive basis. For more information and deadlines, please visit the Graduate School website or call the Graduate School at (603) 862-3000. Apply to the Graduate School online.

Federal Loans and Grants

Student wishing to apply for federal loans or for other loans and grants not administered by the English department should contact the Financial Aid Office at (603) 862-3600. In some cases, an interview is necessary to process your application. Make sure to ask about this and any relevant deadlines when you apply.

Other forms of financial aid – research assistantships, work-study, etc. – occasionally become available. See the Graduate Program Director for more details.

Special Notes Concerning Financial Aid for Ph.D. Students

The English department's policy is not to offer admission to the doctoral program without an award of financial aid (although a student may decide not to accept the award for a variety of reasons, such as continuing employment elsewhere). Thus all Ph.D. applicants, with the possible exception of non-native speakers (see below), are required to apply for the teaching assistantship, and the deadlines for the two applications coincide, on Jan. 15. Other sources of aid include Summer Research Grants for Teaching Assistants and Dissertation Year Fellowships. Both are awarded by the Graduate School.

Given the continuing availability of financial aid, the department is committed to funding doctoral students during their first four years of academic work. Funding normally consists of the teaching assistantship, which requires full-time status. However, for non-native speakers, funding may consist of a tuition waiver only (since by departmental policy non-native speakers are normally ineligible to teach English 401 or English as a Second Language). The tuition waiver also requires full-time status. After a student has completed four years of academic work, the department will support his or her application for additional sources of aid. Such sources might include the dissertation fellowship, a graduate associate-ship plus instructorship, or a teaching assistantship at UNH-Manchester.

M.S.T. Program

The M.S.T. program offers no financial aid. However, many participants receive some aid from their local schools.