Welcome from the Director of NH Literacy Institutes

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Dear Friends, Teachers, and Participants of the NH Literacy Institutes,

Like so many of you, I am struck by how quickly day-to-day life can change. As we reach out today, we know that many of you are dealing with the challenges of teaching online, worrying about health and the health of family members, and wondering about what comes next.  We want you to know that you have community and support through all of us at the NH Literacy Institutes.  We too are eager to get back to sense of normalcy, but we are also reminded that as teachers, we are always reinventing ourselves.  We have a talent and innate capacity to respond to the unexpected moments that come before us. We are practiced in the art of responding to new students, to the unexpected and infinite surprises, and to new classroom situations.  We know the important roles that reading, writing, and reflection can play in a time like this one.  Not only for our students, but also for us as teachers.  We also know that a network of community, encouragement, and support matters to all of us.

As we look toward Summer 2020, we at the NH Literacy Institutes are faced with some difficult decisions about how to maintain community and support, while at the same time, offering participants and instructors the safest ways to come together, engage, inspire, and learn.  In the face of COVID 19, we are making some changes in order to enhance learning for our graduate candidates and teachers seeking professional development from our programs.  In alignment with the University of New Hampshire’s recommendations, we have made the decision to move for-credit graduate courses online for Summer 2020.  Courses will be kept to the seminar size, in order to maintain the qualities that we know you value in our face-to-face summer program and the community we build with one another.

Credit Courses:  Courses moving online include the following instructors and titles: https://cola.unh.edu/english/institutes/nh-literacy-institutes/summer-literacy-institutes

  • Jaclyn Karabinas, ENGL 920-01 (2.0 credits) TEACHER AS DECISION MAKER: READING (ELEM.) June 29-July 6
  • Mike Anderson, ENGL 920-05 (2.0 credits)  BUILDING A COMMUNITY: THE FIRST FIVE WEEKS OF WRITING WORKSHOP,  July 6-10
  • Tomasen Carey, ENGL 911-01 (4.0 credits) NOTEBOOKS: READING AND WRITING OUTSIDE THE LINES, JULY 6 –JULY 17
  • Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, ENGL 922-02 (2.0 credits) TEACHERS-AS-RESEARCHERS, July 20-July 24 
  • Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, ENGL  922-F01 (4.0 credits) MST CAPSTONE PROJECT  July 5- July 31

Unfortunately, a few courses will not be offered this summer, due to the COVID 19 situation.  They include the courses offered by Kabria Baumgartner, Vicki Vinton, and Linda Rief.  If you have registered for a course that is not moving online, please contact Carolyn Prien at nhliteracy.institute@unh.edu to discuss and learn about options.  

Non-Credit Workshops:  Registrations continue to be open for the Penny Kittle and Elaine Millen Leadership workshop from July 23-25.  Tom Newkirk is also still scheduled to speak earlier that week (Tuesday, July 22nd) as part of our Speaker’s series.  You can still register here for this event: https://learnforlife.unh.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?method=load&entityId=40374245 

Workshops with Jessica Payeur and Kate Gardoqui will move to the Fall, when we will be offering them as part of an October Saturday series at a reduced rate.

We know so many of you are grappling with finding ways to best support your students and families at this time.  You are grappling with new ways of teaching and learning.  We are aiming to find the best ways to support teachers, through our social media interactions and Facebook page, email, and online advising sessions. Every week, we are also offering a free book raffle to encourage and lift you up; please join in.  

We will have more to share soon about the possibility of think tanks and writing groups in the year ahead, as we move forward. 

Stay safe and well,



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Dear Friends, Teachers, and Participants of the NH Literacy Institutes,

It is my pleasure to introduce the Summer 2020 courses, workshops, and keynote addresses to be offered by the New Hampshire Literacy Institutes and the College of Liberal Arts. For over 30 summers, teachers from across the country have found their way to New Hampshire to recommit themselves to the humane and responsive teaching of reading and writing. Each year, we have been impressed and gratified by the teachers who attend –their commitment to students and to literacy, their willingness to dive into the summer work, and their dedication to improving education.

As in the past, we have staffed our summer institutes with instructors who know what public school teaching is like. They’ve been there and can offer credible, practical advice. Our classes will be small, so that participants receive individual attention from instructors and so that classes can be run in a workshop or seminar format. Tom Newkirk will be joining as our Scholar-in-Residence. In addition, as part of our summer studies in Literature, we are pleased to be joined by Kabria Baumgartner, a faculty member in the English department who has been recognized for her innovation and teaching excellence. Our keynote speakers this summer will also include: Linda Rief, Vicki Vinton, and Shawna Coppola. In addition to our graduate credit courses, we will also be offering a series of three-day workshops, including one on Leadership by Penny Kittle and Elaine Millan. Please browse through our website to see all the offerings, instructor biographies, and times. If you have questions, please reach out to us at nhliteracy.institute@unh.edu or call 603-862-1168.

All of our courses and workshops are open to teachers – at all levels—interested in taking courses for their own enrichments and professional development. The program is also open to those who would like to work toward a Master of Science for Teachers (M.S.T) degree in the Department of English.

In addition to these programs for teachers and literacy leaders, we will also be offering our Writers Academy for students in middle and high school.

Writers Academy

It promises to be an exciting summer. I hope you can be part of it.

Christina Ortmeier-Hooper