Research Opportunities

As a major research university, UNH provides all students with the valuable opportunity to conduct research during their undergraduate years.

UNH's Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research provides the resources and financial support for the research, scholarly and creatice projects of UNH students. Whether it's investigating moose habitat, examining the effects of the European monetary union, or composing music for a dance concert, each year students from all fields of study recieve grants to embark on their own explorations.

Learn about the programs. Meet some of the students. Then find out how to start a project of your own.

Through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), students may apply for Undergraduate Research Awards (URAs) and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs). The Hamel Center also administers the International Research Opportunities Program (IROP), Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP), INCO 590 & INCO 790, Study Abroad Research Grants,  Honors Thesis Grants, and Research Presentation Grants.

In addition to these programs, all departments within the college offer independent study opportunities and projects. The content of these courses varies and is based upon current scientific and technological needs in addition to the interests of the student and faculty involved. In the English Department, independent study is cataloged as ENGL 795. Permission of a department faculty member and the department chairperson is required. English 795 is intended for the student who wishes to undertake advanced study of a specific topic and is capable of completing a self-guided experience. English 795 projects may not be used to satisfy the major Capstone requirement. Please contact the English department main office if you have question about ENGL 795: (603) 832-1313. English 795 Independent Study Proposal forms are available in the main office.