Declaring a Major

Students entering the university as first-year or transfer students may declare any of our majors as part of the admissions process.

If you are a continuing student within the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) interested in declaring one of the majors in the Department of English, you may do so via Webcat on myUNH portal at any time, provided you meet the prerequisites for entering the department.

Declaring an English Department Major

  • Students may declare one of the following majors: EnglishEnglish LiteratureEnglish/JournalismEnglish Teaching, English/Text, Business Writing & Digital Studies Option (TBD), or English/Law 3+3 Option

A faculty adviser within the English department will be assigned to you upon entry to the major.

Please contact the main office and set up an advising meeting with Program Administrative Specialist Carla Cannizzaro when your major declaration request has been approved. She will review the basic requirements of the major and answer any questions you have about completing your degree at UNH. To schedule an appointment with Ms. Cannizzaro please use our online scheduler (instructions below), call our main office (603-862-1313) or contact her via email:

Students interested in declaring a Linguistics major may do so at any time during the semester by contacting Prof. Rochelle Lieber.

The English Department main office is located in Hamilton Smith Hall, Suite 230F. We are open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You are welcome to call our main office at any time with questions of a general nature: (603) 862-1313.

English Department Undergraduate Advising

To set up an Advising appointment with Carla please use our online scheduler:

  1. Go to myWildcat Success and log in:
  2. From student home page, select “Get Advising”
  3. Select "College of Liberal Arts” from Advisor College or Group drop down menu
  4. Select “Academic Advising” or "General Advising" from Appointment Type drop down menu. Click “Next”
  5. Select “English” from Advisor Department drop down menu.
  6. For Staff Selection drop down, select your advisor (Carla Cannizzaro). Click “Next”
  7. Select the appointment day/time that best works for you. Click “Next”
  8. Please indicate what you want to discuss in the text box, then select “Confirm Appointment”.

English Department Majors may request a specific faculty adviser within the English department at any time. Please visit the main English office and speak to our office staff about your request.


Change of Program Process

Use this process in the following situations: declaring or changing a major within a college, declaring a major in or changing a major to a different college, adding a dual major, adding a second major:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Search for Webcat and select
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Change Major/Option and follow prompts

Use this process in the following situations: declaring a dual degree, declaring or changing to a self-designed major, declaring a third major:

  1. Obtain a paper yellow change of program form from the Registrar's Office or download one here.
  2. Meet with your advisor, and obtain signature and your student academic file.
  3. Go to your current Dean’s Office, obtain signature.
  4. Bring your signed form and file to our office where we will instruct you on next steps.