Literature Ph.D. Alumni

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Dissertation titles and current positions of Ph.D. in Literature graduates


  • Leanna Lostoski-Ho (Literature),  Modernism on the Edge of the Anthropocene: The Ecological Imagination of Forster, West, Warner, Woolf, and Eliot.
    Part-Time Faculty in Composition, Franklin Pierce University
  • Daniel Lauby (Literature), Domestic Shakespeares in the Antebellum United States.


  • Melissa Kleinschmidt (Literature),  Manual Culture, Women's Medical Practice, and English Health in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Wroth
  • Sherard Harrington (Literature), Othered Ambitions: The Conflation of Villainy and Homosexuality in 20th Century American Media.
    Faculty, Boston University Academy


  • Andrew Stesienko (Literature), Seneca, the Humors, and Revenge Tragedys
    Adjunct Faculty, University of New Hampshire
  • Stephen Roxburgh (Literature), The Rhetorical Function of Photography in Long-form Graphic Narrative


  • Mary Grace Elliott (Literature),  Educating Early Modern England: Mapping Grammar School Practices in Shakespeare and Milton
    Recipient of the Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Writing and Communication Program in the School of Literature, Media, and CommunicationGeorgia Tech University.
  • Elizabeth Sheckler (Literature),  No Lack of Beds: Sanitationism, Gender, and Hospital Spaces in the Victorian Novel.
    Licensing Manager of Creative and Digital Works at UNHInnovation, University of New Hampshire
  • Jin Lee (Literature), Becoming "We": Disembodied Trauma and a Community of Globalized Reading in Contemporary Asian American Novels and Graphic Narratives
    Assistant Professor at Myongji University


  • Matthew Cheney (Literature), Lessoning Fiction: Modernist Crisis and the Pedagogy of Form
    Faculty and Interim Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Plymouth State University


  • Lucas Dietrich (Literature), Across the Color Line: Race, Reception, and the U.S. Literary Marketplace, 1877-1920
    Visiting Lecturer, Framingham State University and Adjunct Professor of Humanities, Lesley University 


  • James Finley (Literature), 'Violence Done to Nature': Free Soil and the Environment in Antebellum Antislavery Literature
    Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  • Eden Wales Freedman (Literature), 'This Thing We Have Done Together': Witnessing Race, Gender, and Trauma in Postbellum American Literature
    Vice Provost of Faculties and Academic Affairs and Associate Professor at St. Mary's University of Minnesota


  • Kimberly Daugherty (Literature), 'Of the Sky Above You Must Beware': Airspace and Airpower in Twentieth Century Literature
    Adjunct Lecturer, Granite State College


  • Katherine Gillen (Literature), The Most Matchless Jewel: Economic Anxieties and Representations of Chastity on the Early Modern Stage
    Associate Professor of English and Associate Chair of the Deepartment of Arts & Humanities, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  • Matthew Hurwitz (Literature), 1960's Travel Fiction and Englishness During the Postimperial Turn
    Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell


  • Amy Manning (Literature), Raping the Raced Body: Trauma in Asian North American Women's Literature
    Instructor of English at Southern New Hampshire University
  • Melissa Siik (Literature), "The Alien Within": Residual Catholicism and the Emerging National Identity of Post-Reformation England
  • Jason Williams (Literature), Competing Visions: Women Writers and Male Illustrators in the Golden Age of Illustration
    Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University - Idaho


  • Nicola Imbracsio (Literature), Corpses Revealed: The Staging of the Theatrical Corpse in Early Modern Drama
    Assessment Coordinator, Center for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University


  • Christina Healey (Literature), Excavating the Landscapes of American Literature: Archaeology, Antiquarianism, and the Landscape in American Women's Writing, 1820-1890
    Adjunct Instructor of English, Merrimack College
  • Christopher Scott Massey (Literature), Absent Meaning: Fascination, Narrative, and Trauma in the Holocaust Imaginary


  • Sally Hirsh-Dickinson (Literature), Dirty Whites and Dark Secrets: Sex and Race in Peyton Place
    Associate Professor, Rivier University and Weekend Host, Saturday Mornings, at New Hampshire Public Radio
  • Sharon Kehl Califano (Literature), The Comradeship of the "Happy Few": Henry James, Edith Wharton, and the Pederastic Tradition
    Director, General Studies Strategy at Western Governors University (Utah)


  • Laura Smith (Literature), Material Culture and Domestic Texts: Textiles in the Texts of Warner, Adams, Wilson, Sadlier, Stoddard, and Phelps
    Senior Lecturer in English, University of New Hampshire


  • Keith Botelho (Literature), Rumor, gender, and authority in English Renaissance drama (Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson)
    Professor of English, Coordinator of Internships, Gender and Women’s Studies, Kennisaw State University
  • Andrew Lopenzina (Literature), Red Ink: Native Americans Picking up the Pen in the Colonial Period
    Associate Professor of English, Old Dominion University


  • Emily Hinnov (Literature), Choran Community: The Aesthetics of Encounter in Literary and Photographic Modernism
    Lecturer of Humanities at Boston University


  • Richard Walters (Literature), Performing Texts: Playing With Jazz Aesthetics
    Assistant Professor and Chair, English Department, New Hampshire Community Technical College


  • Elizabeth Anderson (Literature), Excavating the Remains of Empire: War and Postimperial Trauma in the Twentieth-Century Novel
  • Robert Herschbach (Literature), Gothic Economies: Global Capitalism and the Boundaries of Identity


  • Mary Doyle (Literature), Faith Positions: Re-Reading Gender, Race, and Christianity in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing
    Administrative Director of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, University of New Hampshire
  • Heidi Kaufman (Literature), Semitic Discourse: English Identity and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
    Associate Professor of English, University of Delaware


  • Laurie Quinn (Literature), Reading for Class: Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, and Sylvia Townsend Warner
    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Granite State College
  • William Stroup (Literature), Shelley and the Nature of Nonviolence
    Professor of English, Keene State College


  • Nancy Lecourt (Literature), Motherwork, Artwork: The Mother/Artist in Fiction by Parton, Phelps, Chopin, Woolf, Drabble, and Walker
    Vice-president for Academic Administration at Pacific Union College
  • Erika Olbricht (Literature), Class in Seventeenth-Century British Drama by Women
    Instructor & SAGES Instructional Coordinator, Case Western Reserve University
  • Nancy Von Rosk (Literature), Domestic Visions and Shifting Identities: The Urban Novel and the Rise of Consumer Culture
    Associate Professor of English, Mount Saint Mary’s College (New York)
  • Carol Keyes (Literature), Language’s “Bliss of Unfolding” in and Through History, Autobiography, and Myth: The Poetry of Rita Dove
    Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, Hesser College


  • Jennifer Beard (Literature), Barbara Pym’s Narrative Intersections
    Assistant Professor, Department of International Health, Boston University
  • Gretchen DiGeronimo (Literature), Transactional Bond in the Novels of Charles Brockden Brown
    Associate Professor of English, Becker College (MA)


  • Paul McCallum (Literature), Public Poetry, Memory, and the Historical Present: 1660-1745
    Director of Graduate Study and Professor of English, Pittsburg State University (Kansas)


  • Keith Jones (Literature), Education, Class and Gender in George Eliot and Thomas Hardy


  • Anne Downey (Literature), ‘The Art of Living’: The Aesthetics of Everyday Life in Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s Novels
    Director of Studies at Shortridge Academy
  • Etta Madden (Literature), Bodies of Life: Shaker Literacies and Literature
    Professor of English, Missouri State University
  • William Sayres (Literature), The Discourse of Gratitude in the Novels of Jane Austen, Lecturer in English
    Adjunct in the Humanities Department, University of Maine at Farmington
  • Lisa Sisco (Literature), Emerging from the Crysalis: Isolation and Publication in Nineteenth-Century Literacy Narratives
    Associate Professor, Communication, Johnson and Wales University (RI)