Literature Ph.D. Alumni

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Dissertation titles and current positions of Ph.D. in Literature graduates


  • Matthew Cheney (Literature), Lessoning Fiction: Modernist Crisis and the Pedagogy of Form
    Faculty and Interim Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Plymouth State University


  • Lucas Dietrich (Literature), Across the Color Line: Race, Reception, and the U.S. Literary Marketplace, 1877-1920
    Adjunct Professor of Humanities, Lesley University 


  • James Finley (Literature), 'Violence Done to Nature': Free Soil and the Environment in Antebellum Antislavery Literature
    Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  • Eden Wales Freedman (Literature), 'This Thing We Have Done Together': Witnessing Race, Gender, and Trauma in Postbellum American Literature
    Associate Professor of English, Director of Diversity Studies, and Department Chair of Communication, Literature, and the Arts, Mount Mercy University


  • Kimberly Daugherty (Literature), 'Of the Sky Above You Must Beware': Airspace and Airpower in Twentieth Century Literature
    Adjunct Lecturer, Granite State College


  • Katherine Gillen (Literature), The Most Matchless Jewel: Economic Anxieties and Representations of Chastity on the Early Modern Stage
    Associate Professor of English and Associate Chair of the Deepartment of Arts & Humanities, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  • Matthew Hurwitz (Literature), 1960's Travel Fiction and Englishness During the Postimperial Turn
    Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Lowell


  • Amy Manning (Literature), Raping the Raced Body: Trauma in Asian North American Women's Literature
    Instructor of English at Southern New Hampshire University
  • Melissa Siik (Literature), "The Alien Within": Residual Catholicism and the Emerging National Identity of Post-Reformation England
  • Jason Williams (Literature), Competing Visions: Women Writers and Male Illustrators in the Golden Age of Illustration
    Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University - Idaho


  • Nicola Imbracsio (Literature), Corpses Revealed: The Staging of the Theatrical Corpse in Early Modern Drama
    Assessment Coordinator, Center for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University


  • Christina Healey (Literature), Excavating the Landscapes of American Literature: Archaeology, Antiquarianism, and the Landscape in American Women's Writing, 1820-1890
    Adjunct Instructor of English, Merrimack College
  • Christopher Scott Massey (Literature), Absent Meaning: Fascination, Narrative, and Trauma in the Holocaust Imaginary


  • Sally Hirsh-Dickinson (Literature), Dirty Whites and Dark Secrets: Sex and Race in Peyton Place
    Associate Professor, Rivier University and Weekend Host, Saturday Mornings, at New Hampshire Public Radio
  • Sharon Kehl Califano (Literature), The Comradeship of the "Happy Few": Henry James, Edith Wharton, and the Pederastic Tradition
    Director, General Studies Strategy at Western Governors University (Utah)


  • Laura Smith (Literature), Material Culture and Domestic Texts: Textiles in the Texts of Warner, Adams, Wilson, Sadlier, Stoddard, and Phelps
    Senior Lecturer in English, University of New Hampshire


  • Keith Botelho (Literature), Rumor, gender, and authority in English Renaissance drama (Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson)
    Professor of English, Coordinator of Internships, Gender and Women’s Studies, Kennisaw State University
  • Andrew Lopenzina (Literature), Red Ink: Native Americans Picking up the Pen in the Colonial Period
    Associate Professor of English, Old Dominion University


  • Emily Hinnov (Literature), Choran Community: The Aesthetics of Encounter in Literary and Photographic Modernism
    Lecturer of Humanities at Boston University


  • Richard Walters (Literature), Performing Texts: Playing With Jazz Aesthetics
    Assistant Professor and Chair, English Department, New Hampshire Community Technical College


  • Elizabeth Anderson (Literature), Excavating the Remains of Empire: War and Postimperial Trauma in the Twentieth-Century Novel
  • Robert Herschbach (Literature), Gothic Economies: Global Capitalism and the Boundaries of Identity


  • Mary Doyle (Literature), Faith Positions: Re-Reading Gender, Race, and Christianity in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing
    Administrative Director of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, University of New Hampshire
  • Heidi Kaufman (Literature), Semitic Discourse: English Identity and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
    Associate Professor of English, University of Delaware


  • Laurie Quinn (Literature), Reading for Class: Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, and Sylvia Townsend Warner
    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Granite State College
  • William Stroup (Literature), Shelley and the Nature of Nonviolence
    Professor of English, Keene State College


  • Nancy Lecourt (Literature), Motherwork, Artwork: The Mother/Artist in Fiction by Parton, Phelps, Chopin, Woolf, Drabble, and Walker
    Vice-president for Academic Administration at Pacific Union College
  • Erika Olbricht (Literature), Class in Seventeenth-Century British Drama by Women
    Instructor & SAGES Instructional Coordinator, Case Western Reserve University
  • Nancy Von Rosk (Literature), Domestic Visions and Shifting Identities: The Urban Novel and the Rise of Consumer Culture
    Associate Professor of English, Mount Saint Mary’s College (New York)
  • Carol Keyes (Literature), Language’s “Bliss of Unfolding” in and Through History, Autobiography, and Myth: The Poetry of Rita Dove
    Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, Hesser College


  • Jennifer Beard (Literature), Barbara Pym’s Narrative Intersections
    Assistant Professor, Department of International Health, Boston University
  • Gretchen DiGeronimo (Literature), Transactional Bond in the Novels of Charles Brockden Brown
    Associate Professor of English, Becker College (MA)


  • Paul McCallum (Literature), Public Poetry, Memory, and the Historical Present: 1660-1745
    Director of Graduate Study and Professor of English, Pittsburg State University (Kansas)


  • Keith Jones (Literature), Education, Class and Gender in George Eliot and Thomas Hardy


  • Anne Downey (Literature), ‘The Art of Living’: The Aesthetics of Everyday Life in Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s Novels
    Director of Studies at Shortridge Academy
  • Etta Madden (Literature), Bodies of Life: Shaker Literacies and Literature
    Professor of English, Missouri State University
  • William Sayres (Literature), The Discourse of Gratitude in the Novels of Jane Austen, Lecturer in English
    Adjunct in the Humanities Department, University of Maine at Farmington
  • Lisa Sisco (Literature), Emerging from the Crysalis: Isolation and Publication in Nineteenth-Century Literacy Narratives
    Associate Professor, Communication, Johnson and Wales University (RI)