Introductory Courses

English 401: First-Year Writing

English 401 is designed to help students become better able to use writing for academic, professional and personal goals.

Additional Introductory Writing Courses

English 501, 502 and 503 are all courses that are appropriate follow-up courses to English 401. Many programs on campus require that their students take a second semester of a writing course, and any of these courses would satisfy that requirement. English 501: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction trains students in various forms of creative nonfiction writing, and it is a prerequisite for taking journalism and fiction writing classes (you must earn a B or better in order to advance to these classes). It is also a requirement for declaring the English/Journalism major (again, a B or better is required). English 502: Technical Writing explores the world of technical writing, which is appropriate for nearly all majors on campus since nearly all professions require some amount of related writing. English 503: Persuasive Writing is appropriate for students who wish to learn how to use language to make a clear and convincing argument business students and any liberal arts major would find this particularly beneficial.

Introductory Literature Course

English 419 is a wonderful introduction to the scholarly study of literature, and the gateway course to English Department major declaration. It provides basic training in how to read and interpret literary texts, the essential groundwork students will need in order to be successful in upper-level literature courses. English 419 is a prerequisite for taking poetry writing classes and for declaring the English, English Literature and English Teaching majors.