English Department Writing Awards

The 2023 Writing Awards submission window is now closed.

Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Thursday, May 4th.


Richard M. Ford Writing Award [FICTION, NON-FICTION, POETRY]
For undergraduates, merit-based

Winner, Non-Fiction: Brackett Lyons          
Honorable Mention: Cameron Mehalek

Winner, Poetry: Cole Vincenzi                     
Honorable Mention: Norah Cummings & Phoebe Mulry

Winner, Fiction: Elisabeth Hunter               
Honorable Mention: Jasmine  Taudvin

Thomas Williams Memorial Scholarship [FICTION]
For graduate students

Winner: Alexandria Carolan                        
Honorable Mention: Heidi Turner

Dick Shea Memorial Award [POETRY or FICTION]
For graduate students

Winner, Poetry: Johnathan Riley                
Honorable Mention: Julia Roche

Winner, Fiction: Carolyn Mainardi               
Honorable mention: Shannon Garvey

Lt. Albert A. Charait Fund [SHORT STORIES]
For undergraduates or graduates

Winner: Cornelia Truesdale          
Honorable Mention: Kami Peterson

Frederick Hyde Hibbberd ’88 Scholarship [FICTION, POETRY, NON-FICTION]
For undergraduates. Recipients must be English majors with a concentration in creative writing. 

Winner, Fiction: Annie Montanus   

Winner, Non-fiction: Aubrey Benoit

Winner, Poetry: Katherine Blakely 

Non-Fiction Graduate Award 
Previously the “Non-Fiction Prize Gift”

Winner: Elizabeth Joseph  
Honorable mention: Ben Savard

Michael Kelly Memorial Journalism Scholarship
For sophomore or junior undergraduates, merit-based award for published journalism pieces

Winner: Max Scheinblum

Young Dawkins III Prize in Creative Writing
For (graduating) graduate students with best MFA portfolio

Winner (Poetry): Madison Marshall

Winner (Non-Fiction): Lindsey Wente

Winner (Fiction): Irene Behrman, William Price

**Merit-based Journalism Awards determined by Director/Faculty vote**

Theodore ‘Tad’ Ackman, Jr. and Robin D. Gorsky Endowed Scholarship
For undergraduates

Winner: Isabelle Curtis

Natalie Salatich Jacobson Journalism Scholarship
For undergraduates

Winner: Rhianwen Watkins

John Hanlon Memorial Scholarship
For undergraduates. Preference given to students who demonstrate an interest in sports writing

Winner: Cameron Beall

Donald Murray Memorial Scholarship
For exceptional academic work and dedication to the field of journalism

Winner: Melanie Matts





Thomas Williams Memorial Award

In memory of former UNH professor and National Book Award winning novelist, Thomas Williams. The Thomas Williams Memorial Fund was established with gifts from private donors.  This Award recognizes excellence in graduate student fiction writing.

Richard M. Ford Writing Award

This Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ford in memory of their son Richard M. Ford, a member of the Class of 1980.  The Ford Memorial Fund provides one to three annual awards, one to a student majoring in Chemistry (and awarded by that department), and one split among three undergraduate students in English (one each in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry).  It is the donor’s intent to honor undergraduate scholarship, creativity, and academic achievement.  Financial need is not to be considered as a factor in making this award.

Dick Shea Memorial Award

This award was established by friends and family in memory of Richard John Shea, Class of 1961, and will be granted to the undergraduate or graduate student showing creativity in writing poetry or fiction.

Lt. Albert A. Charait Award

This Fund was established by Mrs. Charait in memory of her husband who died in action during WWII.  This gift will be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who writes the best short story.

Michael Kelly Memorial Scholarship

This fund is established in memory of Michael Kelly, Class of 1979, who died covering the war in Iraq.  This Scholarship supports sophomore and junior students who have been active in, and are passionate about, journalism.  Recipients need not be journalism majors.  Preference will be given to highly-motivated original thinkers, without reference to gpa.  Please submit a cover letter, essay, and up to five published newspaper or magazine articles are required.  The essay should be 750-800 words describing your journalism experience, your passion for journalism, and your plans for any future work connected with journalism. 

Young Dawkins III Prize

For a graduating student with the most outstanding thesis in the MFA program.

Nonfiction Graduate Award

This prize is supported by an anonymous donor to reward outstanding work in narrative nonfiction by a graduate student. Submissions may include research-based narratives, personal essay, or memoir of no more than 5,000 words.