Departmental Honors

Students with an overall grade point average of 3.40, who may or may not be in the University Honors Program, but who meet the requirements for honors work in major, are entitled to graduate with Honors in Selected Major on their diploma and academic record.


At least 16 credits of honors in major coursework, including a 4 credit senior thesis/project. Coursework includes:

  1. One 500-level course
  2. Two 600 or 700-level courses
  3. Either THDA 798H: Honors Senior Thesis (4 cr.) (For General Theatre Track)
    THDA 799H, Honors Capstone Project (4 cr.) (For all other tracks)

Honors students will be expected to do additional work, most often more research, which will be synthesized with the normally assigned material. In advanced performance/design courses, this assignment will be adapted to the demands of the material.

Students taking the Capstone Project for Honors must petition for the designation in the normal manner. Both classes are writing intensive.

Students are required to maintain an overall grade point average of 3.40 and a 3.40 in major coursework.

Fore more information, contact Prof. Assaf Benchetrit, Honors Liason.