R.E.A.C.H. (Real Employment And Career Help)

R.E.A.C.H. is designed to provide financial assistance for both current and recently graduated UNH Theatre & Dance students who participate in internships with highly-regarded theatre or dance organizations. 

Student Qualifications

  • Theatre and Dance Major
  • Minimum of 2.5 Academic GPA
  • Minimum of 3.0 Theatre/Dance GPA
  • THDA Production involvement
  • Level of discipline and integrity, as evidenced in departmental undertakings
  • Commitment and dedication to a career in theatre and/or dance

Internship Criteria

  • The professional level of the company.
  • The artistic value and scale of the productions the company produced.
  • The ability to guide and help student in professional development.
  • The ability to bridge professional connection for the student.

Internship opportunities that will be considered for the REACH program:

For Theatre

  • LORT theaters, such as Long Wharf Theatre, The Goodman Theatre, Seattle Rep, etc.
  • Well established regional theatres, such as Santa Fe Opera, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, etc.
  • Well established internship programs in major cities, like Manhattan Theatre Club, Lincoln Center, The Julliard School, Second City, etc.
  • Professional production companies, such as Disney, Cirque du Soleil, ETC, PRG, etc.

For Dance

  • An apprenticeship with a company like Mark Morris or Paul Taylor for a summer
  • An internship with Broadway Dance Center or Steps in NYC
  • An assistant Choreographer for an Equity Theater

Internships that will NOT be considered for the REACH program

  • Theatres within 50 miles of UNH: Prescott Park Festival, Seacoast Rep
  • Theatres that do not have full production staff
  • Theatres that do not support professional connections
  • Mass training programs that do not offer direct involvement with a company
  • Graduate programs; assistantships

Application Requirements

  1. A resume, portfolio or dance reel
  2. An acceptance letter from the internship
  3. Statement about internship including:
    - The value of the internship, including the educational benefit and its potential for future opportunities.
    - A general overview of the internship program.
    - Length of the internship.
    - Expected hours of work.
    - Itemized statement of compensation/stipend/housing allowance offered by company.
    - Estimated expenses not covered by company offer.
  4. Name of a faculty member willing to advocate for you


Timeline for Submissions

Summer Awards
The REACH committee begins reviewing applications starting in mid-March.

For Post Grads
For fall internships: The REACH committee begins reviewing applications starting in mid-March.
For spring internships: The REACH committee begins reviewing applications starting early November.

Award Amounts

  • Summer: A total of $500 of funding support available per academic year
  • Fall/Spring: A total of $1,000 of funding support available per academic year