Field Trips

Performing Arts Day

Friday, November 1, 2019, 10am-4pm
Grades 7-12
UNH Paul Creative Arts Center
Admission is $14

Performing Arts Day is an excellent way for students to visit our program and experience life as a wildcat in a low pressure environment. PAD is a class field trip experience where students pick from a list of workshops with UNH Theatre & Dance Faculty and Students. The experience includes a performance of The Odyssey.  Students will also get a chance to tour the university and eat in our award-winning dining halls.  This is a great experience for drama clubs, theatre classes, school acting groups, and more... Teachers and Leaders can sign up to attend Performing Arts Day by reaching out to Jamie Clavet (
Cost of this field trip is only the cost to cover lunch. All workshops are free to attend.

Performing Arts Day Schedule:
  • Matinée performance of “The Odyssey” beginning at 10 am.

  • Post-Performance Lunch in UNH Dining Hall

  • Workshops from 1 pm-4 pm, Students will attend three different workshops in various areas of theatre (improv, technical theatre, dance, acting, voice, etc...)




Friday, November 1st, 2019, 10 am-noon (includes talk-back)
Grades 7-12
Johnson Theatre, UNH Paul Creative Arts Center
Admission is $3 (Show Only, Performing arts day is an add-on)

The Odyssey Graphic

A new dramatization of the oldest and greatest story of homecoming. When Odysseus went to war twenty years ago, his son was an infant and his wife was a vibrant, hopeful young woman. Now his son is a young man plagued by doubt, and his wife has endured years of loneliness and grief. Has war and the long terrible journey home changed him so much that he can no longer fit into his home? And has his home changed so much that it is no longer the haven he seeks? This is the complicated story of a complicated man: war hero and war criminal; adulterer and loving husband; absent father and cherished, good father. Odysseus meets many famous monsters on his journey, but is the worst monster the one he is carrying within himself?

This show is a perfect addition to any English or Drama curriculum. Study guides are available.




Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 10 am-noon
All Grades
Johnson Theatre
UNH Paul Creative Arts Center
Admission is $3

UNH Dance Co presents SPLASH, Graphic

The ocean is vast and full of creatures that are both beautiful and fearsome. From the largest of mammals to the smallest of fish, the beauty and wonder of the water remain mystery to behold. It may seem small, but the impact of throwing that piece of trash can last a lifetime. Two dancers discover together that impact when they go beneath the waves to swim with the turtles and amazing sea creatures. Along the way, they are followed by the frightening trash creatures created by the waste that humans leave behind. They experience first-hand the devastation that plastics and other waste have wrought on the fragile habitats that exist there. The Ballet and Jazz, Tap, Aerial companies come together to tell this dynamic and important story.

This is the perfect way to jumpstart a conversation about the environment and sustainability

Contact Jamie Clavet at or call 603-862-2150.

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