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Heading on the road with a new show for summer 2024



The Little Red Wagon tour circle with New England states

This show is flexible and can be adapted for all ages.

Treasure Island

The young hero, Jim Hawkins, comes into the possession of a treasure map and sets off with his companions to find Captain Flint's treasure. Little do they know that a number of their crew have joined them to steal the treasure from under their noses! Full of silly antics and wild adventure, this show is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

The Little Red Wagon is funded solely by those who host us.

In Person Performance

A $550 fee is requested for one IN PERSON show. ($900 for 2 shows on the same date/same location with no set breakdown).

Troupe will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to a show in order to coordinate with event host and set up the show.

Actors will observe COVID safety precautions. 

To book a date, a $100 nonrefundable deposit or a P.O. for the full amount is requested for each show. Deposits will apply to the full balance. The full payment is requested no later than 10 business days after the event ends. Make checks payable to UNH.

  • The performance area, indoor or outdoor, should provide a clear, unobstructed space.
  • Gazebos are not recommended as a performance space. The actors can set up in front of, or to the side of a gazebo.
  • The performance space should be approximately 20’ across x 20’ deep x 8’ tall.
  • The performance space should be available one hour prior to the performance time.
  • This space should be cleared of all items, furniture, debris before the group arrives.
  • Reserve the space for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes for the UNH troupe (for the set-up, performance, and tear down time).
  • Provide 1 standard, 120 volt electrical outlet that is located within 40’ of the performance space for the sound system. This electrical outlet should have no other heavy equipment loads on the same circuit.
  • If broadcast announcements are made at your location, please request that these be done prior to the show.
  • For indoor shows, make sure all entrances/halls/stairs/performance areas are easy to access for the actors who will be carrying heavy and large stage equipment. If stairs/stairwell access is unavoidable, please call us so we may prepare the troupe.

Your performance date may be reserved using the form below.


After booking, you’ll receive a host and promotional packet and an agreement via email.