UNH Dress Guidelines for Acting/Musical Theatre Auditions

Auditions for The 2021 UNH Dance Company

Members of the 2020 UNH Dance Company can be members of this year’s Dance Company without audition.

For new UNH company members, auditions will take place September 10th and 11th.

  • For Ballet - September 10 from 5:00-8:00pm in Newman Dance Studio, New Hampshire Hall
  • For Tap - September 11 from 5:00-6:15pm in Newman Dance Studio, New Hampshire Hall.
  • For Jazz - September 11 from 6:30-8:00pm in Newman Dance Studio, New Hampshire Hall
  • PREPERATION: Tap: Wear tap shoes and dance clothes. Ballet: Wear ballet shoes, leotards and tights. Bring pointe shoes with you. Jazz: Wear leotards and tights or Jazz dance wear. Combinations will be given out at the audition for each dance form. Come to the audition 15 mins. before the start to sign in. 

Auditions for Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

WHEN: Monday, September 14, 6:30-8:00pm.
WHERE: Hennessy Theatre
SIGN UP FOR A 10-MINUTE TIME SLOT (use 8:10PM-8:40PM slots only if necessary)

Note that most of the rehearsals will be held in person with only a few performers present. You are welcome though, to audition live by Zoom instead of in-person. Please sign up after 8:00 for the time slot and fill out the audition form which indicates that you would like to zoom. We will forward you the script cuts and specific info for the audition, along with an invitation to the Zoom meeting.  Many rehearsals will be held on Mondays 6-8:00 with some addition rehearsals to be arranged individually. Pre-recorded online 40 min. play, partial Henn. performance 11/16.

Once we receive your Audition Form, we will send you the script cuts and more info to prepare for the audition, so submit ASAP.

A Fall 2020 UNH Theatre and Dance filmed performance for audiences of all ages in collaboration with the UNH Theatre Advanced Puppet Class

Plot- “On the first night of Hanukkah, a weary traveler named Hershel of Ostropol eagerly approaches a village, where plenty of latkes and merriment should warm him. But when he arrives not a single candle is lit. A band of frightful goblins has taken over the synagogue, and the villagers cannot celebrate at all! Hershel vows to help them. But can one man alone stand up to the goblins, save Hanukkah, and live to tell the tale?”

Cast of Characters
Hershel of Osterpol (actor -Male or Female playing Male) a weary traveler who matches wits with terrifying Goblins on each night of Hanukkah
Child/Narrator-(actor-Male or Female) a youngish character who is staged in a present day setting. Child character reads the story as it unfolds in the past in an Eastern European village.
Townspeople -shadow and rod puppets performed by Advanced Puppetry class
7 Goblins-Bunraku style puppets ranging from table -top size to giant
Goblin King-(puppeteer) a massive and hideous creature with glowing red eyes

Production -UNH Theatre and Dance Filmed Performance in collaboration with the Advanced Puppetry Class. The play is approximately 30-40 mins. long with some informal singing. 2 actors and 20 puppets will be filmed in individual scenes.

Dates- Nov.16 Hennessy Theatre ,(presentation of selected scenes) Pre-recorded online performances Nov. 20-Dec. 4

Actor Rehearsal schedule- primarily Monday evenings and some additional mutually arranged times–rehearsed with 1 -3 people for most rehearsals. Tech ,Dress and Filming for Actor/Goblin scenes-Friday 11/13, Sunday 11/15 9-5:00

Description- This famous Caldecott winning book has been adapted for the stage in a very lively and animated tale that has been written to include puppets for the Goblins and other characters. This storytelling style combines actors and these full body Bunraku style puppets, along with shadow and rod style puppetry, to present an engaging and unique production for all ages.

Presentation Format- The structure of the short play is easily adapted to reduce the number of performers on stage or in rehearsal at any one time. Group scenes, such as the village with Townspeople, will be performed with puppets. We will be rehearsing and recording scenes with actors and puppets for editing in a “movie” style format. All recording will be indoors in the Hennessy.