UNH Dress Guidelines for Acting/Musical Theatre Auditions

UPPW and ArtsReach call for video auditions!
Submit by Monday October 16th.



  • WHAT TO PREPARE: The UPPW would like actors to submit 2 monologues: a 1-minute comedic contemporary monologue, and a 1-minute dramatic contemporary or classic monologue.
  • ABOUT THE 2023 UPPW: The John C. Edwards University Prize Plays Workshop (UPPW) is a 2-week new play development opportunity awarded to original students works directed and performed by students in a night of public staged readings. This year the plays will also go on to be fully produced by Mask & Dagger in the Spring.  Please note that the UPPWs do not conflict with involvement any other THDA department productions.  This award was originally dedicated by actor, writer, director, producer Mike O'Malley '88, ("Snowpiercer," "Yes Dear" and "Glee"), in honor of Professor John C. Edwards.
  •       Hephaestus by Allison Fistante Directed by Mia Cosco: 7 Characters (3F, 3M, 1 any).  After being discarded by his mother, the young god Hephaestus returns to claim his place on Mount Olympus, but is met with much resistance from his extended family.
  •       Get Your Phil by Kaci Kneeland Directed by Maeve Bentley: 6 Characters (3F, 3M).  When you work at the only fast food restaurant around for miles off of Interstate 89, of course you get to work both Christmas and New Year’s. Alyssa doesn’t mind. It’s not like she has anything else to do. But when her coworkers start acting weird, Alyssa sees that there might be a life for her beyond Get Your Phil’s.
  • Producer Nina Morrison; Production Assistant Siena Vitone; Dramaturg Nico McPherson
  • The 2023 workshop dates are:
  •       Saturday October 21st: In-Person Callbacks 10am-12pm
  •       Saturday Nov 11th: 10-4pm
  •       Sunday Nov 12th: 10-2pm
  •       Friday Dec 1st: 6-10 Rehearsal/Tech Rehearsal
  •       Saturday Dec 2nd: Performance 6-9pm (show at 7pm)


  • WHAT TO PREPARE: If you are just auditioning for ArtsReach you are only required to submit a 1-minute comedic contemporary monologue.
  • SHOW NOTES: This show does require an Irish dialect so be prepared to play with that at callbacks. I’m not expecting perfection, but I need to see where you are at with it. This show is also a musical so know that you will be required to sing a little bit at callbacks. All characters have to sing but not all characters have to sing solo so if you do not consider yourself much of a singer that is alright.
  • REHEARSALS/PERFORMANCES: This show does not conflict with UPPW or any of the spring shows. We will be having a few rehearsals before break, based on the cast’s availability. There will then be at least one, maybe two rehearsals the move in weekend coming back from break. After that we will just be rehearsing on Friday mornings. Students participating in this show MUST keep Fridays open through 3-3:30pm to allow for tour scheduling throughout the spring semester. There will also be a performance in the Hennessy on 5/4 at 1:00 pm.
  • ABOUT THE PLAY: (3F, 1 Any).  Molly McFolly and the Littlest Leprechaun, written by David Kaye, is about a little Irish girl who doesn’t think before she acts. One day after getting lost in the woods she runs into a feisty little leprechaun who has lost her pot of gold. The two set out in search of the missing gold and run into lots of fun characters along the way who help teach Molly an important lesson.
  • QUESTIONS? Please contact Lauren Rose at lmr1057@usnh,edu.