The Gate (Feb 19-23)
Mask & Dagger’s Love/Sick (March 6-8)
Mask & Dagger’s Spring Musical (TBA)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (April 15-19)
The Last 5 Years (April 24-26)

WHEN: Monday, November 4, 2019, 5:30-10:00pm. Sign-up for an audition time on the call board near the Hennessy Theatre (sign up sheet posted Oct. 14). Fill out the online AUDITION FORM BEFORE NOV 4. You only need to fill out one audition form for all the productions taking part in the general call auditions.

WHERE: Room M213, Paul Creative Arts Center


  1. To be considered for The Last 5 Years, the M&D Musical, or the singing roles in The Gate: Prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue, one up-tempo cut and one ballad cut of a song. Songs must demonstrate range and be appropriate to the scores and worlds of the shows. Entire package must not run over 3 minutes.
  2. To be considered ONLY for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mask & Dagger’s Love/Sick, or non-singing opportunities in The Gate: Prepare one-minute contemporary monologue.
  3. Everyone auditioning must attend the dance call.
  4. Fill out online AUDITION FORM BEFORE NOV 4.  You only need to fill out one audition form for all the productions taking part in the general call auditions.

CONFLICTS: Because rehearsal dates overlap for several of these productions, in many cases a student will only be able to be in one production or another. In casting, the Faculty Directors will always work to give each student what is judged to be best performance/training opportunity for that student.

CALLBACKS FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS: Actors called back for The Last 5 Years are expected to know the play and will be asked to thoroughly prepare, memorize and present the following materials (you may present your package in any order):
• For female-identifying actors: Both song cuttings (one - two) for Cathy ("WOMEN") from The Last Five Years, OR
• For male-identifying actors: Both song cuttings (one - two) for Jamie ("MEN") from The Last Five Years

--Call Backs: Wed Nov 6 In room M118.  Specific scenes for call backs till be sent when call-back emails are sent out.
--The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NIght-Time Script.
--Rehearsals: There will be one rehearsal on 3/11/20. Rehearsals will resume on 3/23/20. Rehearsals will go from 6-10pm or 6:30-10:30pm depending on actor availability. There will be no Saturday rehearsals. Rehearsals on Sundays will either be from 1-5pm or 6-10pm depending on actor availability.
--Tech Rehearsals: April 11, 12, 11:30am-5:30pm
--Dree Rehearsals: April 13, 14, 5:30pm-11pm
--Performances: April 15-19.

--Call Backs: Tues Nov 5 In the Johnson.
--The Gate Script
--The Gate Definitions/Notes
--What is THE GATE?: THE GATE is a unique production created by the Kaso Jogi Theatre Company of Japan. UNH will be presenting the English language premiere. The play is a magical rollercoaster noir mystery tour through Japanese folklore. It is a unique fusion of Japanese inspired theater styles (like Kabuki) with elements of musical theatre. The outcome is a highly physical style of theatre that shifts from powerful scene work, to highly stylized movement to dance and song. The story is built around a mysterious gatekeeper welcoming 'all ye corpses' with the suspect smile of one who might be an angel, a boatman on the Styx, or an emissary from hell. The gate we see on stage is the entrance to the underworld. The play weaves the audience through the images and stories many Japanese people heard as children, as to what may lay beyond. Sometimes inviting, sometimes terrifying, but always magical, this production will offer actors and audiences the opportunity to experience Japanese theatre and stories in a style that is entirely a creation of Kaso Jogi.
--Who is Directing The Gate?: The Gate will be Directed by Kaso Jogi Artistic Director Saori Aoki. Acclaimed for her work in Japan, Canada the Edinburgh Fringe, and here in the US. Saori Aoki started the Kaso Jogi (Virtual Ruler) company to spread her unique Japanese physical theatre fused with a west/east style of music. Saori (She actually goes by Sabo) will be joined by her husband, composer Makoto Honda. Makoto wrote all the music for the piece and will serve as music director. They will be joined by Claire Tanaka. She is the company’s production manager. A Canadian who lives and works in Japan, she will serve as Sabo and Makoto’s translator. Additional members of the Kaso Jogi Theatre will arrive a week before the performance, and will join the company as fellow cast members adding an even more exciting cultural and artistic dynamic to the experience. The company will head to NYC immediately after the production closes to rehearse a new work they are currently developing.
--What are the performance demands for this production?: The Gate is created in such a way as to take full advantage of the various skills the actors will bring to the project. So, you can be primarily an actor, or a singer, or a dancer, or any combination, and Sabo will utilize those abilities.
Why Should I audition for The Gate?: This is SUCH a once-in-a -life-time opportunity! Not only will you have acquired new performance skills, you will be able to add to your resume that you have learned and performed a form of Japanese performance style in an English Language premiere. Above all, you will be able to work with these exciting international artists. How cool is that??
How is casting working?: An ensemble will be created at the November monster audition call and Gate call-back. Then Sabo will work out specific casting within the ensemble, when rehearsals begin in January.
What will you be looking for in the audition?: We will shoot to cast a versatile ensemble. Not everyone will have to sing. Not everyone will have to dance. Everyone, will, however, need to show the ability to be physically creative and expressive. The style also calls for a powerful physical presence, and the ability to play actions or moments with intense commitment.
What it the rehearsal/performance schedule?: Be prepared to start rehearsals on Sunday evening, Jan 20, 2020. Rehersals will follow what is relatively standard for UNH THDA productions: 6-10pm or 6:30-10:30pm M-F, Saturdays off, Sundays 6-10pm or 6:30-10:30pm. (This could change due to the schedules of the actors in the ensemble). Tech week: Feb 15, 16, 11:30am-6pm. Dress: Feb 17, 18, 5:30pm-11pm The play opens on Feb 19 and closes on Feb 23.
Would I need to be at every rehearsal?: The Gate is very much an ensemble theatre piece. Actors should anticipate that they would need to be at all rehearsals.
Can I be in other productions this Spring if I am cast in The Gate?: It is possible for students to be cast in The Gate and also be cast in either Curious Incident, or The Next 5 Years. It is not possible to be cast in The Gate, AND either of the Mask and Dagger productions because their rehearsal schedules would overlap.

• The Gate & The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Prof. David Kaye (
• The Last 5 Years – Prof. John Berst (
• Mask & Dagger's Love/Sick – Andrew Knight (
• Mask & Dagger Musical – Rachel Bergeron (