English Major/Text, Business Writing and Digital Studies Option (B.A.)

English Major/Text, Business Writing and Digital Studies Option (B.A.)

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What is the text, business writing and digital skills degree option?

The text, business writing and digital studies option within the English degree program will give you the professional and critical skills to succeed in the modern workplace. You’ll have the opportunity to study areas including social media, business writing genres, digital storytelling and web design. You’ll also become skilled in critical thinking, analysis and communication.

Why study text, business writing and digital skills at UNH?

This new UNH program helps meet employer demand for workers with wide-ranging and adaptable professional skills. You’ll gain valuable on-the-job experience through our internship requirement, and also compile a digital portfolio of your work. The English Department offers a number of institutes and programs that provide unique opportunities locally and abroad, as well as regular on-campus series featuring visiting writers, scholars and journalists.

Potential careers

  • Business administrator
  • Communications director
  • Manager
  • Marketing professional
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media director
  • Videographer
  • Web content specialist
  • Writer


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Curriculum & Requirements

The modern workplace requires that employees be adaptable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a long-term study that showed people held 11.7 jobs between the ages of 18 and 48, and those numbers are increasing with people moving between jobs more frequently every year. It is crucial that we prepare our students not just for one industry, but rather arm them with the transferable skills of critical reading, writing, analysis, production, theory and aesthetics of new forms in digital media and business. Students will leave this major option with the skills that are in the highest demand in all fields today. 

This major option addresses the growing demand for graduates who are well-versed in a combination of humanistic and digital skills and able to work in a variety of professional environments. In particular, graduates of this option will be prepared for careers at cultural and historical institutions, as well as in emerging job markets of information management and online content delivery. This specialization complements areas requirements for the English major but it is not limited to English majors. Double majors are encouraged. Small classes, a great sense of community and a diversity of faculty specializations create an atmosphere that propels students toward success. Students will receive real-life work experience through our internship class, and they will also leave this major with a digital portfolio that contains a collection of professional projects that can be used on the job market. 

In this English major option, students are trained in the critical reading, analysis, production, theory and aesthetics of new forms in media and business. These forms include but are not limited to social media, business writing conventions, modes of digital storytelling (i.e. audio and video essays, podcasts and wikis), digital archives, web design, and online communities and interaction. Students are also trained in analysis through traditional humanistic literature and they are expected to fulfill the core learning objectives shared by all English major tracks. These include:

  • the ability to communicate and debate effectively with others, both orally and in writing,
  • the ability to closely examine a variety of texts (including modern digital artifacts and archival materials)
  • developing the ability to use a variety of media and communication platforms;
  • experience and practice in dynamic critical thinking and creativity

Eleven courses (44 credits)

Completed with a minimum grade of C- (with the exception of ENGL 419, which must be completed with a grade of C or better).

Students must meet the following distribution requirements. Note that any one course may satisfy more than one requirement:

ENGL 419How to Read Anything 14
One 500-level Introductory Course. Select from the following:4
ENGL 501
Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (Digital Essay version)
ENGL 502
Professional and Technical Writing
ENGL 503
Persuasive Writing (Text, Business Writing, Digital version)
ENGL 595Literary Topics (This topic only: Introduction to Digital Humanities)4
ENGL 602Advanced Professional and Technical Writing4
Select three ENGL courses numbered 600 or above 212
Select two pre-1800 literature courses (select from the list below)8
Select two post-1800 literature courses (select from the list below)8
Select one course that addresses race, the construction of race, and racial theories (select from the list below)4
Capstone: 34
ENGL 796
The Internship Experience
Digital Portfolio

Pre-1800 Literature Courses

Either two advanced courses (600-level and above) or one advanced course and either ENGL 512 British Literature I Age of Heroes: Beowulf to Dr. Faustus or ENGL 513 British Literature II Age of Revolutions: Shakespeare to Austen.  Choose from the following:

ENGL 657Shakespeare4
ENGL #741Early American Literature: Colonialism, Revolution, Nation4
ENGL #751Medieval Romance4
ENGL 753Old English4
ENGL 756Chaucer4
ENGL 758Advanced Shakespeare4
ENGL 759Milton4
ENGL 767Literature of the Restoration and Early 18th Century4
ENGL #768Literature of the Later 18th Century4
ENGL 783English Novel of the Eighteenth Century4

Other courses may count. Please see your advisor if you have questions about other courses that might fulfill this requirement.

Post-1800 Literature Courses

Either two advanced courses, or one advanced course and one of the following: ENGL 514 British Literature III: Revolts, Renewals, Migrations or ENGL 516 American Literature II Money, Migration, and Modernity: Huck Finn to Beloved.

ENGL 609Ethnicity in America: The African American Experience in the 20th Century4
ENGL 650I Hear America Singing: Studying American Literature and Culture 14
ENGL 681Contemporary African Literature4
ENGL 690African American Literature4
ENGL #739American Indian Literature4
ENGL #745Contemporary American Literature4
ENGL #747Studies in American Poetry4
ENGL #771Victorian Love Poetry4
ENGL 773Literary Modernisms: Return, Revolt, Recycle4
ENGL 774Modern & Contemporary British Literature: New Departures4
ENGL 777The English Novel in the World4
ENGL 784English Novel of the 19th Century4

Course That Addresses Race, the Construction of Race, and Racial Theories

ENGL 517Black Creative Expression4
ENGL 550Introduction to the Literature and Culture of Race4
ENGL 609Ethnicity in America: The African American Experience in the 20th Century4
ENGL 690African American Literature4
ENGL #738Asian American Studies4
ENGL #739American Indian Literature4
ENGL 693Special Topics in Literature (subtopic R)4
ENGL 797Special Studies in Literature (subtopic R)4

Other courses may count. Please see your advisor if you have questions about other courses that might fulfill this requirement.


To graduate from UNH, a student must earn a total of 128 credits.

E-COURSE RULE: Majors entering the department in Fall 2012 and beyond may only count one online course towards their major requirements.

English 403 'Exploring Literature', English 415 'Literature and...' and English 444 classes may NOT be used to satisfy ENGL major or minor requirements.

English majors may use one major-required course to satisfy one Discovery category requirement.

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