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Come visit us and be a Wildcat Musician for a day!

We have several opportunities for you to visit us on our beautiful campus here in Durham, NH! 

Individualized Music Shadow Days

Come to campus and shadow a current music major throughout their day. You will attend classes and rehearsals, have lunch at Holloway Commons, and hear from our students about what it is like studying music at UNH. You may even be able to have a sample lesson with your future private teacher!

We will schedule a Shadow Day visit that works with both your calendar and the Music Department’s. Shadow Day Visits occur during the academic year, excluding busy times like Audition Week and final exams, etc.

Schedule your visit!


UNH Music Education Day – November 3, 2023

2024 schedule will be posted here

UNH Music Education Day is designed for juniors and seniors in high school who are considering a career in music education working as an elementary music specialist, middle school/high school choir teacher, or middle school/high school band or orchestra teacher.

This free event for registrants will include classes in conducting, elementary and secondary methods from UNH professors, sit in on ensemble rehearsals, meet with current students, and experience first-hand what it might be like to be a music education major in college.

Sign up for UNH Music Education Day will be posted here


Other Opportunities

We offer many other opportunities to for you to visit campus on your own, including:

Cello Festival

NHASTA-UNH Fall Orchestra Festival

Summer Youth Music School  (SYMS)

Violin/Viola Day

Wildcat for a Day (Wildcat Marching Band)


The Music Department offers more opportunities accessible only through your school band, choir, or orchestra program, including:

UNH Band Extravaganza

UNH Band Day (Wildcat Marching Band)

UNH Choral Gala

The Clark Terry UNH Jazz Festival

UNH Marching Band Festival


Here is what our visitors have to say:

"I was so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to shadow a student before committing to UNH. I was feeling quite nervous about the transition from high school to college but getting to meet everyone in the department on my shadow made me feel much better about committing. All the students and professors I met that day were incredibly friendly and answered all my questions about the music department and campus life."       Caroline

"My shadow was really what sold me on UNH. Being able to spend the day in class with students and faculty gave me an authentic view of what life at UNH would be like. Getting to sit in on rehearsals not only highlighted the musicianship and dedication that students and teachers put into learning the material, but also the sense of community present."     Hannah

"When I was a prospective student, one thing that really helped draw me to this department was not only how welcoming the staff is, but how welcoming the students are. At my shadow day, the students were the ones that really helped me feel welcome. But everyone on the staff here at UNH was so lovely and welcoming, and they made me feel wanted. That was something that many other schools lacked. This school and the staff here make you feel wanted; not like they don’t really care but say they do in a superficial way. They truly want new students, and that was the deciding factor for me. The staff here is also so extremely talented, which helped me see what I could get out of this department. But what set this department apart from the rest was the welcoming environment, which helped me make the final decision."    Cam