Music Awards & Scholarships

The Department offers a number of scholarships and six department fellowships. The tuition scholarships range downward in amount from the maximum award of a full tuition waiver for four years to minimum awards of several hundred dollars.

These scholarships are "talent-based," not "need-based:" that is, the student's financial condition is not considered in the awarding of these scholarships.

Department of Music tuition waivers are given to outstanding musicians with a high record of academic achievement. The department also takes into account the student's instrument or vocal type and the department's needs in that area.

The department considers students for scholarship only after they have auditioned for the department and have applied to and been accepted by the University Admissions Office.

There is no audition procedure for a scholarship award other than the normal pre-admission audition taken by all incoming music majors. The decision to award a particular music department scholarship is made by the department's Scholarship Committee.

Not all college expenses are covered even in a full tuition waiver. Examples of expenses not covered would be university fees, applied music fees, books and class supplies, room and board, and transportation.

Your financial aid package will not be developed until after you have been admitted to UNH.

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