SYMS: Summer Youth Music School


We are excited for the

summer 2022 return of SYMS,

celebrating our 75th anniversary! 


registration info will be posted as soon as it becomes available

Junior Session

July 16 - July 20, 2022
For students entering grade 7, 8 and 9 (
entering grade 7 commuter only).
Cost: TBA

Chamber Music Session

July 21 - July 22, 2022
Cost: TBA

Senior Session

July 23 - July 31, 2022
For students entering grades 10, 11, and 12.
Cost: TBA


About SYMS

Students concentrate on a major instrument or voice part and choose electives to broaden their experience. They associate with talented young musicians who share their excitement about music, and they study with outstanding teachers and freelance artists. Enrollment for certain instruments may be limited.

In addition to concert bands, a variety of choruses, a string orchestra, and a full orchestra, we offer master classes, small ensembles, jazz groups, and other opportunities designed to improve each student's technique and musical understanding. Stimulating and challenging classes are available to students at all levels. Private lessons, at additional cost, are available to interested students.

Students and faculty members give a variety of evening recitals throughout the sessions. Each session concludes with a final concert.

Please review our Online Registration Instructions, especially if you are enrolling more than one child or enrolling for the first time.
(Note that each child must have an individual account and the enrollments/payments are done separately within each account. If your child has an account already, do not create another!)

Accounts should be in the name of the child, not the parent/guardian.

We also recommend families be familiar with all other information on the Youth Programs website. The website include downloadable forms, a Family Guide, and much more information regarding UNH summer youth programs.




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Note: Not all SYMS faculty are listed here
Michael Annicchiarico (UNH) theory & composition
Gabrielle Baffoni  (Southeast Missouri State University) clarinet
Daniel Bukvich (University of Idaho) jazz choir & band
Jenni Carbaugh Cook (UNH) voice, opera
Aubrie Dionne (Plymouth State University) flute
Alex Favazza (UNH) voice
Casey Goodwin (UNH) band
Elizabeth Gunlogson (UNH) clarinet
Margaret Herlehy (UNH) oboe
Stephanie Ratté Jenkins (Concord Community Music School) clarinet
Nathan Jorgensen (UNH) saxophone, jazz
Amy Kotsonis, (University of Northern Iowa) choir
David Newsam (UNH) guitar
Nicholas Orovich (UNH) trombone
Janet Polk (UNH) bassoon
Hannah Reitz, (UNH) violin
David Ripley (UNH) voice
Hsiang Tu, (UNH) piano
David Upham (UNH) orchestra
Peggy Vagts (UNH) flute
Jacques Lee Wood (UNH) cello
Mark Zielinski (UNH) band & brass quintet

Participants live in a modern UNH residence hall with students from around the country, eat in a cafeteria-style dining room, and have a chance to use the University's Memorial Union Building and indoor pool. Students will be closely supervised, with one dormitory counselor for each eight students in the Junior Session, and one counselor for each ten students in the Senior Session.

Packets will be posted here

Take part in the 6th Annual UNH Music Department Scholarship Competition!

Audition for a chance to win a prestigious scholarship to the music department at UNH. The competition is open only to rising high school seniors. It will take place during SYMS as part of the normal audition for the honors recital. The selected winner must agree to attend SYMS the following summer and then enroll at UNH as a music major. The winner will receive a four-year award ($20,000 per year for a total of $80,000 for out-of-state students and $10,000 per year for a total of $40,000 for in-state students, not to exceed tuition costs). Prepare a solo for your instrument or movement of a concerto.

Junior and Senior SYMS Rules and Regulations will be posted here.
Please read the UNH Youth Program Code of Conduct


Junior SYMS is a 6-day program for students who have finished 7th or 8th grade. Senior SYMS is a 9-day program for students who have finished 9th-12th grade. SYMS typically enrolls around 250 students for each session.

Register online from the UNH Youth Programs website.

No audition is required to be accepted into the program.Short auditions are held the first full day of each program for placement in groups. Audition information is posted online.

SYMS campers check in on  the first day of each program: Morning for Jr. SYMS and  Sr. SYMS programs. All students, including commuters, will sign up for audition times and residential students will receive their room keys for dormitory check-in. Specific program information is sent out before sessions begin.

SYMS faculty and staff members are UNH professors, high school and middle school music educators, and UNH students who are counselors and occasionally teach a class. Dormitory counselors are older UNH students along with two head counselors who are music educators and have been with SYMS for many years.

Optional private lessons may be taken at an extra cost of $25 each. One lesson per instrument or voice is recommended at Jr. SYMS and two lessons at Sr. SYMS. Teachers and students arrange lesson times on the first day of classes. Lessons are taught during the student’s free time. Private lessons may be purchased on SYMS registration site.

Housing for residential students will be in the UNH dormitories with separate dorms for males and females. The rooms are doubles, and students may choose a roommate if they wish. The choice will only be guaranteed if the other student sends us a reciprocal request. If students do not have a roommate choice, they are paired by age. There will be adequate counselors (one counselor per ten students at Jr. SYMS); counselors are UNH students, along with two head counselors who are older and have been with SYMS for many years. Counselors live on the floors with the students and help them adjust to being away from home, organize activities during free time, etc. Counselors do a bed check each night before lights out.

Dining will be at Holloway Commons in the Memorial Union Building. It is a fantastic facility with a wide variety of choices at each meal. Those with food allergies will have no problem finding plenty to eat. For information regarding our food service and sample menus, you may log on to Anyone with special nutrition concerns should speak with dietitian Rochelle L’Italien at 603/862-2583. or email

SYMS does not offer any scholarship aid, but many students find financial help through their schools, churches, civic organizations or downtown businesses.

Students may wish to bring a bit of spending money as they are allowed to visit the immediate downtown area to  pick up snacks or buy a UNH memento. There are also vending machines on campus, and the counselors collect a few dollars from those who wish to use the laundry facilities in the dormitories.

Casual summer wear is fine including shorts and sandals. Footwear must be worn at all times. For final concerts at Jr. SYMS, the students wear SYMS T-shirts and light colored pants or shorts. Concert Dress: Option 1: Dress Pants/Dress Shirt (Ties are optional) Option 2: Appropriate length dress or skirt. Students should bring instruments and music as well as a folding music stand. Linens, towels and blankets are not provided at the dormitory so students need to bring their own. Beds are long twin size. Bring a swimsuit for swimming in the UNH indoor pool. 

Convocation is a full camp meeting each day which all students must attend. Important information and announcements are made at these meetings. The evening convocation at the beginning of SYMS is when students receive group assignments and sign up for classes. All other convocations are in the morning before rehearsals and classes begin.

Students are welcome to bring cell phones as there is no land line phone service in the dormitory rooms during the summer. Cell phones must be turned off during all classes and programs. Internet hookups are available in the dormitory rooms if you wish to bring a laptop computer.

Yes, mail may be received and should be addressed to: (student's name, room #, SYMS, Dept. of Music-PCAC, 30 Academic Way, Durham NH 03824. Mail will be taken to the dormitories daily and given to the students.

Required waivers are completed as part of the online registration process. However, there may be additional forms required depending on the student’s individual needs. Review the Youth Programs website Student Forms & Waivers page
for more information.”

You may purchase CD, DVD, or MP3 recordings of the final concerts. These are handled through an outside company whose representatives will be available at SYMS registration and also on the days of the final concerts.
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