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The Bachelor of Arts program offers students an opportunity to major in music within the liberal arts curriculum. This program is intended for those who wish to pursue the serious study of music and to acquire at the same time a broad general education; it is recommended for those considering graduate study leading to master's or doctoral degrees.

To be admitted formally to the B.A. program, students must give evidence of satisfactory musical training by taking an admission audition. Students must declare music as a major before the beginning of the junior year, but it is highly recommended that they declare as early as possible, considering the large number of required courses.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered with three options: music liberal studies, performance study, and composition. Students enrolling in the B.A. music liberal studies program -- a program that stresses the development of skills in analysis, writing, and critical thinking about a wide variety of music and their larger connection with history culture, and society -- are required to submit a writing sample and interview with one of the music liberal studies program faculty members. The writing sample should be non-fiction, preferably an assignment for a course in English, History, or a similar subject, 500 words or more in length. Students wanting to declare composition as their option must submit a music portfolio in addition to an audition on their major instrument.

The Bachelor of Music degree program is offered to students who wish to develop their talent in performance, composition, or music education to a high professional level. The program is recommended to those considering graduate study leading to the M.M. or D.M.A. degrees. The music education option is part of the undergraduate certification program (see the Department of Education).

To be admitted to the B.M. program, students must demonstrate a high degree of musical competence or significant creative ability during an audition or examination. Selection is made on the professional requirements appropriate to each option. Students must formally declare the B.M. as a degree program before the beginning of the sophomore year. Continuation into the upper level of the program is subject to review by the department faculty.

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