Faculty Ensembles

Many of our faculty maintain their own musical ensembles either with other Department faculty or with others in the greater music community.

Faculty Ensembles

The Faculty Jazz Sextet

The Faculty Jazz Sextet includes Nathan Jorgensen, saxophone; David Newsam, guitar; Mark Shilansky, piano; Bronek Suchanek, bass; Les Harris Jr., drums and various guest artists. For information regarding the Faculty Jazz Sextet, please contact: Nathan Jorgensen, Department of Music, Paul Creative Arts Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824, Call: 1-603-862-2404 or email nathan.jorgensen@unh.edu.

Other Ensembles in which Faculty are Involved

Capella Alamire

Capella Alamire Logo

Capella Alamire was formed in 1984 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the purpose of exploring the repertoire of the Renaissance. The word Alamire is a solmization term for the pitch A, sung as la, mi, or re; it was also the pseudonym of a Flemish music scribe employed by the Habsburg court at the beginning of the 16th century in the region of present-day Belgium and northern France, an area that produced many of the greatest composers and singers of the time. The majority of our concerts have been centered on repertoire by Franco-Flemish composers: Josquin DesPrez (Missae De beata Virgine, Malheur me bat, L'ami baudechon), Johannes Ockeghem (Missae L'homme armé, Fors seulement, Cuiusvis toni), Antoine Busnoys, Pierre de la Rue, Heinrich Isaac, and Nicholas Gombert.

Capella Alamire has released seven CD recordings to date, through Titanic Records (Motets by Busnoys, Josquin and Gombert, 1992), Dorian Discovery (The Early Josquin, 1995, and Music of the Modes: Three Masses by Johannes Ockeghem, 1997), and Naxos (Music of Nicolas Gombert, 2007).  The seventh recording, by both the Consort and the Capella, Music by Pierrequin de Thérache, was released in June, from Centaur Records. 

Past performances include appearances at the Currier Gallery, Manchester (1997), the Monadnock Music Festival (1996), the Library of Congress (1993),  American Musicological Society meetings in Montreal (1993) and New York City (1995), five concerts for the Cambridge Society for Early Music (2003), and numerous Boston Early Music Festival Fringe events.

More information about Capella Alamire

Alamire Consort

The Alamire Consort is a early music chamber ensemble formed from earlier ensembles centered at the University of New Hampshire: The Hampshire Consort directed by Robert Stibler, and the Woodman Consort of Viols, founded by Mary Rasmussen. The Alamire Consort was assembled originally to perform with Capella Alamire.  It is a mixed ensemble of voices, viols, harp and Renaisssance winds, which explores the interactions of vocal and instrumental music c. 1500.  Members include Robert Stibler, cornetto and recorder, Mindy McMahon, voice and harp, Paul Merrill, sackbut and recorder, and Emily and Peter Urquhart, viols.