Performance Major B.M.

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Performance Major B.M.

Program Overview

What is a Bachelor of Music in performance?

The music performance degree program is designed for students who want to develop their skills as vocalists or instrumentalists in order to pursue a career or graduate degree in music. You’ll build a solid foundation in music history, theory and analysis, while also training in voice, piano or another instrument of your choice. The program places heavy emphasis on performance study and is great preparation for master and doctoral degree programs.

Why study music performance at UNH?

Performance opportunities abound at UNH, which is home to the intimate Bratton Recital Hall and the grand Johnson theatres, and just minutes from the arts-rich New Hampshire Seacoast region. Several vocal and instrumental performing ensembles exist on campus, including Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, jazz and marching bands, and the UNH Symphony Orchestra. Each spring, winners of our annual Concerto/Aria Competition solo with the UNH Orchestra or Wind Symphony, and the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference highlights student music performers. Our department also hosts dynamic artists and guest lecturers throughout the year.

Potential careers

  • Artist management
  • Arts administrator
  • Music educator
  • Music professor
  • Nonprofit director
  • Orchestra member
  • Program director
  • Vocalist
  • Voice teacher

Department of Music
Paul Creative Arts Center
30 Academic Way
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH  03824

Phone: (603) 862-2404
Fax: (603) 862-3155

Curriculum & Requirements

All bachelor of music students are required to give a public performance during their senior year, which fulfills the Discovery Program capstone requirement:

  • For students in the performance option, a full recital is required. Students in the bachelor of music in performance degree program are required to perform a half junior recital.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the University Discovery Program requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of each individual major program. B.M. in music majors may use MUSI 502 History and Literature of Music (a required core course for the major) to satisfy the Inquiry Discovery category requirement, and MUSI 515 Music in World Cultures (a required core course for the major) to satisfy the World Cultures Discovery category requirement.

Bachelor of Music Core Curriculum

MUSI 471
MUSI 472
Theory I
and Theory I
MUSI 473
MUSI 474
Ear Training I
and Ear Training I
MUSI 475
MUSI 476
Functional Piano I
and Functional Piano I 1
MUSI 571
MUSI 572
Theory II
and Theory II
MUSI 573
MUSI 574
Ear Training II
and Ear Training II
MUSI 575
MUSI 576
Functional Piano II
and Functional Piano II 1
MUSI 501
MUSI 502
History and Literature of Music
and History and Literature of Music
MUSI 515Music in World Cultures4
MUSI 731Conducting2
Select any course between MUSI 703-MUSI 7153
Select one of the following:3
Analysis: Form and Structure
Analysis: Form and Structure
Select variable credits of MUSI 541-MUSI 564/MUSI 741-MUSI 764 Performance Study (Applied Lessons)Variable
Select variable credits of MUSI 441-MUSI 464 Performing EnsembleVariable
Total Credits38

Bachelor of Music in Performance (Voice)

Degree program has final approval from the National Association of Schools of Music.

MUED 741Techniques and Methods in Choral Music2
MUED 755Vocal Pedagogy2
MUSI 520
& MUSI 521
Diction for Singers I
and Diction for Singers II
MUSI 713Art Song3
or MUSI 715 Survey of Opera
MUSI 545/745Voice (voice lessons) 125
Select 8 credits of the following:8
MUSI 441
Concert Choir 2
MUSI 442
Chamber Singers
MUSI 448
Opera Workshop
Select one of the following:8
ITAL 401
& ITAL 402
Elementary Italian I
and Elementary Italian II
GERM 401
& GERM 402
Elementary German I
and Elementary German II
FREN 401
& FREN 402
Elementary French I
and Elementary French II
Total Credits52

Bachelor of Music in Performance (Piano)

Degree program has final approval from the National Association of Schools of Music.

MUED 743Materials and Methods in Piano Music2
Select one of the following: 13
MUSI 771
Analysis: Form and Structure
Analysis: Form and Structure
Select 3 credits of the following: 23
MUSI 775
MUSI 776
MUSI 777
Advanced Composition
MUSI 779
Any 700-level advanced music history or advanced music theory course 23
MUSI 795Special Studies (Topic V) advanced piano pedagogy)2
MUSI 795Special Studies (Topic E) piano literature)1-2
MUSI 455Piano Ensemble4
MUSI 541/741Piano (piano lessons) 325
Select 4 credits of MUSI 441-MUSI 464 Performing Ensemble4
Total Credits47-48

Bachelor of Music in Performance (All other Instruments)

Degree program has final approval from the National Association of Schools of Music.

Select 2-3 credits of MUED 745-MUED 751 Techniques & Methods 12-3
Select 3 credits of MUSI 700-level Advanced Music History or Advanced Music Theory 23
Select 25 credits of MUSI 541-MUSI 546/MUSI 741-MUSI 764 Performance Study 325
Select 12 credits of MUSI 441-MUSI 464 Performing Ensemble12
Total Credits42-43

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Use these checklists to track your completion of major requirements. Always check with your advisor if you have any questions.

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