Music (Minor)

Music (Minor)

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A music minor is a great option for students who are passionate about the discipline of music but choose to major in another field. The minor includes required coursework in music theory and literature.

Department of Music
Paul Creative Arts Center
30 Academic Way
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH  03824

Phone: (603) 862-2404
Fax: (603) 862-3155

Curriculum & Requirements

All students wishing to receive a minor in music must complete a minimum of 20 credits of coursework in music, of which the following are required:

Select one of the following options:8
Option A:
MUSI 471
MUSI 472
MUSI 473
MUSI 474
Theory I
and Theory I
and Ear Training I
and Ear Training I
Option B:
MUSI 411
MUSI 412
Fundamentals of Music Theory
and Fundamentals of Music Theory
Select two of the following:8
MUSI 401
Introduction to Music
MUSI 402
Historical Survey of Western Classical Concert Music
MUSI 403
Roots of Rock
MUSI 404
An Introduction to Music, Media, and the Moving Image
MUSI 405
Survey of Music in America
MUSI 444
Music and Social Change
MUSI 501
History and Literature of Music
MUSI 502
History and Literature of Music
MUSI 515
Music in World Cultures
MUSI 610
Popular Music and Rebellion in the 1960's
Select 4 credits of MUSI electives4
Total Credits20

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