First Monday with Bethany Silva and Emilie Coppinger

Monday, April 03, 2023 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

MUB 237

Multilingual Book Clubs:
Connecting Communities through Literature, Language, and Art-making

Multilingual Book to Art is a collaboration between UNH’s Community Literacy Center and the Dover Public Library. Each week, a community member conducts a read-aloud using their mother language and English and then participants — children and families — take part in a related art project. Multilingual literacy experiences support community-building, demonstrate value for multiple languages, and embrace cultural differences in literacy engagement. But, the question is. . . how? The project was created within a line of tension: multilingual library patrons requested the program but didn’t have time to run it. In our predominantly white and English-centric context, planning and running the book club raised many questions. In this presentation, Bethany and Emilie will reflect on their experiences running Multilingual Book to Art in Fall 2022 and share next steps in the collaboration. 
Please note that the location for this event is MUB 237. We are very grateful to the UNH Museum of Art for their hospitality this academic year, but, due to an exhibit transition, we will be holding this month’s talk in the MUB. As always, light refreshments will be served, and there will be a cash bar. 
Please RSVP at or 603-862-4356.  
The Center for the Humanities hosts First Monday events, which center around short, informal talks by faculty members, designed to give colleagues a window into their work. We reserve time at the end for questions and conversation.   

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