Lindberg Nomination Information

Nominations Sought for the Lindberg Award for Outstanding Scholar-Teacher in the College of Liberal Arts

January 2024

The Lindberg Award goes to “a truly outstanding scholar and teacher in the Liberal Arts.”  Nominees should be tenured faculty members of the COLA faculty who have substantial experience at UNH and a distinguished record of teaching and scholarship. This award carries a small stipend, and the winner is expected to present the Lindberg Lecture on a topic of their choice in the subsequent academic year.
Nominations may be submitted by any faculty member and you may nominate more than one faculty member. Nominations from the prior two years (2021-22 and 2022-23) can be updated and carried over to this year's pool.

  • One letter of nomination (must address scholarship and teaching)
  • Nominee’s current/up-to-date CV

Please send your nomination letter with current CV as one PDF to Kayla Laurie by March 22, 2024 (