Student Research & Creativity

faculty and student working together

Students in the College can work one-on-one with faculty, either by participating in a faculty member's own research or by crafting their own unique research project. 

In the social sciences, promote understanding of human life from the human brain’s smallest synaptic firing to the political and social systems guiding millions across the globe. Develop strategies to prevent abuse, strengthen rural communities or create tools for law enforcement.

Pursue STEM teaching in high-needs schools, create mobile, hands-on outreach activities to assess climate change in New England and Bhutan communities or study the value of performance assessments for teachers’ preparation in education research.

While in the humanities, you can delve deep in answering major cross-cultural questions focused on language, philosophy and literature.

Your research in the arts will extend from art historians exploring the role of the arts across the span of human history to painting, sculpting, photographing, writing plays and musical scores, or singing and playing instruments.

Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research

UNH's Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research provides the resources and financial support for the research, scholarly, and creative projects of UNH students. The Center has several different award programs that can cover research-related costs during the year or over the summer. Projects can take place locally, across the country, and even at international locations.

Undergraduate Research Conference

Each year, the University hosts the Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). At the weeklong symposium, over 1800 UNH undergraduate students from all academic disciplines present the results of their scholarly and creative research in one or more of over twenty professional and artistic venues campus-wide, making the UNH URC one of the largest conferences of its kind in the country.