Phi Beta Kappa


Welcome to the Beta of New Hampshire chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1952. Our members include UNH, UNH Manchester and the UNH School of Law faculty, staff, and administrators as well as students elected during their junior or senior year. Phi Beta Kappa is a national honor society that recognizes outstanding achievement in the liberal arts and sciences and fosters a community dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual inquiry and integrity.

Who Joins ΦBK?

Do you recognize the names of these ΦBK members? Add your name to the list!

Sonia Sotomayor, Condoleeza Rice, Bill Clinton, George Bush, David Souter, Rita Dove, Marv Levy, Peyton Manning, Glenn Close, Paul Robeson, Helen Keller, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Daniel Webster, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Alexander Graham Bell and Theodore Roosevelt.

Who's now in the ΦBK limelight?

None other than the late Mr. Rogers, who was named an honorary member of The Phi Beta Kappa Society at Carnegie Mellon University in 1995. He's the subject of a new film starring Tom Hanks. Read Who's Back in the Neighborhood in Phi Beta Kappa's newsletter.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell. --September 2020

UNH alumnus and former New Hampshire Gov. Stephen Merrill has died. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Read story. --September 2020

The Beta of New Hampshire chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is pleased to announce its 31st Annual Essay Competition winners.  First Place goes to Taylor Landry for Octavia Butler’s Kindred and the Contemporary Relevance of Slavery (Prof. Briggs Bailey, ENGL 419). Second Place goes to Bailey Prasad for National vs. Cosmopolitan “Citizenship” in Covid-19 (Prof. Janet Polasky, HIST 444). The Phi Beta Kappa competition was initiated by Professor Barbara Cooper to encourage students in general education (now Discovery) courses to strive for excellence in written work.  --Spring 2020

Phi Beta Kappa members Darby O’Neil and Jake Gehrung stand out at Hamel Center Undergraduate Research Conference. Read about their research: 

Media, Gender, and National Identity in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Darby spent two months in Almaty, Kazakhstan, analyzing how the country’s evolving gender roles are portrayed in popular magazines and on billboard images.

Growing as an Undergraduate Researcher and the Benefits of Directed Research
What’s the most efficient way for an undergraduate to learn the research process? Jake Gehrung reflects on his three undergraduate research experiences to answer that question.   --Spring 2020


Recent News

Students in Caitlin Mills course on daydreaming

Boring It's Not

Students research looks at idle time
A course in the science of daydreaming got Lauren Flynn ’20 thinking about the creativity that can bloom when our minds are free to wander. That led to a research position in the affect, cognition and computation lab of assistant professor of psychology Caitlin Mills, who taught the class. Flynn met Catherine McGrath ’20, another lab researcher, and the first seeds of a joint project for the 2020...

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