Phi Beta Kappa

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The 2023 PBK inductees. Congratulations!

Welcome to the Beta of New Hampshire chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1952. Our members include UNH, UNH Manchester and the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law faculty, staff, and administrators as well as students elected during their junior or senior year. Phi Beta Kappa is a national honor society that recognizes outstanding achievement in the liberal arts and sciences and fosters a community dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual inquiry and integrity.

Who Joins ΦBK?

Do you recognize the names of these ΦBK members? Add your name to the list!

Sonia Sotomayor, Condoleeza Rice, Bill Clinton, George Bush, David Souter, Rita Dove, Marv Levy, Peyton Manning, Glenn Close, Paul Robeson, Helen Keller, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Daniel Webster, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Alexander Graham Bell and Theodore Roosevelt.

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Flourishing the World Podcast

Professor Mark Bonica, Phi Beta Kappa Treasurer, recently created the podcast, "Flourishing in the World", a podcast exploring human flourishing and living a worthy life through a wide range of scholarly and experiential lenses.


2024 Essay Competition Announced!

Learn about the competition - April 15, 2024 deadline

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  • Committed to Community
    Monday, July 25, 2022
    'Force of nature' Jude Blake '77 honored with Hubbard Award
    Jude Blake '77 was recognized as the winner of the 2021 Hubbard Family Award for Service to Philanthropy at the University of New Hampshire during UNH's Evening of Distinction event last month. Blake has served as an engaged mentor to many students over the years and has long been a passionate supporter of UNH and the community she lives in. In 2017, she pledged $8 million of her estate to the...
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Jude Blake, featured above, was elected to the UNH chapter as a student and is a dedicated member of our chapter.