Career Development Courses

Name: COLA 500 - Pathfinder: Career Planning for Liberal Arts Majors
Credits: 2 Class Size: 25
Term: Half term    
Description: Explore existing and emerging employment opportunities for liberal arts majors in fields including technology, health and wellness, marketing, education and training, sales, financial services and consulting. Weekly panel conversations with industry experts, self-reflection exercises and career assessments will facilitate this exploration. Ultimately, you will develop a tailored Career Development Plan based on your skills, values, and interests.

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COLA 400: Hired! logo
Name: COLA 505 - Hired: A Career Boot Camp For Liberal Arts Majors
Credits: 2 (Cr/F) Class Size: 20-25
Term: Half term    

This 7-week boot camp style course equips students with the tools and resources needed to land a job or internship. Students will learn how to effectively communicate their values, interests, strengths, and the transferable skills they have gained throughout their academic and cocurricular experience. Students will also explore career paths, learn to conduct a productive job/internship search, hone interview techniques, craft resumes and cover letters, and expand their professional network through alumni connections.

Check for the dates and times of the latest offered sections of this course

Career Storytelling logo
Credits: Not for credit Class Size: 15
Term:   CRN: N/A
Description: Learn to articulate your strengths, values, and professional goals in this improv-based career development course. Participants will hone their communication skills and build confidence—exactly what is needed to ace any interview or networking event.
Instructor: Deborah Kinghorn

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