Audio Systems & Video

Technical Specifications

Johnson Theatre House System

  • Mixing console: Ramsa WR-S4424
  • Amplifiers: (2) Crest CA-12
  • Main speakers: (2) EAW JF260e
  • Fill speakers: (2) EAW JF80
  • Cassette/CD: Denon DN-T620
  • Minidisc: Sony MDS-E10

The mixing console is located in the sound booth at back of house. Main speakers are left and right on the proscenium wall. Fill speakers are located left and right above the main cross aisle. There is no center cluster. Two sixteen channel snakes are run between the sound booth and off stage left and right at the proscenium.

Johnson Theatre Monitor System

  • Amplifiers: (2) Crest FA-601
  • CD playback: (1) Sony CDP-C335
  • Monitor Speakers: (2) Community CSX-X2
  • Hennessy Theatre House System
  • Mixing console: Mackie 1402-VLZ
  • Amplifier: Crest Vs650
  • Speakers: (2) Electro-Voice S-80A
  • CD / Cassette: Denon DN-T620
  • Minidisc: Sony MDS-E10

Headsets and Monitor Systems

Headsets are telex and Production Intercom single channel. There is a stage audio monitoring system for each theatre to the light booth, green room and dressing rooms. Only one monitor system can be run at a time.

Johnson Headset
Hennessy Headset
(2) Stage left Stage left
Stage right Stage right
(2) Fly rail (3) Light booth
(2) Light booth (2) House
Sound booth  
(2) House
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Theatre and Dance