Hennessy Lighting System

Hennessy Lighting System

Dimming Equipment

  • ETC Expression 3 console, located in booth stage left
  • ETC Remote focus unit
  • ETC SmartPack dimmers, located in light booth
  • 48 dimmers @ 1.2 kW

Hennessy Theatre Lighting Circuit Schedule

1-8 Wired batten w/ pigtails 1st Electric
9-16 Wired batten w/ pigtails 2nd Electric
17-24 Wired batten w/ pigtails 3rd Electric
25-32 Wired batten w/ pigtails 4th Electric
33-38 Wired batten w/ pigtails 5th Electric
39-42 Wall boxes Upstage SL and SR
43-47 Wall Boxes Upstage SL and SR

Circuits are paired with two pigtails each per batten.  Electrics 1-5 battens are 13 ft above stage floor. Upstage battens are 11 ft-11 in above stage floor.

Lighting Plots

House Lights

  • House light dimmer is located in the light booth
  • House lights are not tied to the lighting console
  • Work lights are controlled from the booth and house

Getting Here

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