Theatre Facilities Technical Specifications

Theatre Facilities Technical Specifications


  • Loading dock height: 4 ft
  • Loading door dimensions: 12 ft wide x 10 ft high
  • SL shop door dimensions: 20 ft wide x 15 ft high
  • Johnson SL door dimensions: 4 ft-10 in wide x 6 ft-11 in high
  • Hennessy loading door dimensions: 5 ft - 11 in wide x 6 ft - 11 in high
  • Freight elevator dimensions: 7 ft - 9 in high. 7 ft - 8 in deep

Parking for trucks and busses must be arranged through the producing agent, not the Department of Theatre and Dance.  The loading dock is at stage level. There is a freight elevator from stage level to the dressing rooms and Hennessy Theatre. The dressing room doors are single 34 inch wide.

Portable Equipment

  • Genie AWP-25S
  • (2) Little Giant model 22
  • Stepladders (6 - 8 - 10 foot)
  • (2) Extension ladders, 20 ft
  • Rolling tower scaffolding, 20ft maximum

Shop tools may only be used with permission of the Manager of Theatre Operations.  Only UNH certified personnel may use Genie aerial work platform.

Theatre Ground Plans

Johnson Theatre
Johnson Theatre Section
Hennessy Theatre

Johnson Stage Dimensions

Proscenium dimensions: 20 ft high x 39 ft 9 in wide
Proscenium to curtain line: 2 ft - 1 in
Proscenium to crossover: 34 ft - 2 in
Center line to SL wall: 40 ft - 9 in
Center line to SR fly rail: 36 ft - 9 in
Apron maximum @ CL: 13 ft - 2 in
Apron minimum @ SL & SR: 5 ft - 6 in
Stage height at first row of seats: 3 ft - 4 in

The stage floor is sprung wood with a 1/4 in masonite top.  There is an enclosed crossover upstage of the cyclorama.  A dance floor is available through the Department of Theatre & Dance.

Orchestra Pit

  • Dimensions: 23 ft long x 9 ft wide @ CL
  • Headroom with cover: 5 ft - 8 in
  • Depth from stage floor: 6 ft - 4 in
  • Depth from audience level: 3 ft - 0 in
  • Accommodates: 20 musicians

The stage apron is the orchestra pit cover and can be partially or totally removed. The pit entrance is 1/2 flight below stage level via stage right stairs. There is 120v power in the pit. Chairs and music stands are available at the discretion of the Department of Music.

Hennessy Stage Dimensions

  • Thrust: 18 ft wide x 30 ft-6 in deep
  • Upstage: 30 ft wide x 12 ft-6 in deep
  • Center line to SL wall: 20 ft-5 in
  • Center line to SR wall: 21 ft-9 in
  • Opening between upstage and thrust: 30 ft wide x 11 ft-5 in high
  • Ceiling height over upstage: 12 ft-5 in
  • Ceiling height over thrust: 13 ft-10 in
  • Height of stage: 4 3/4 in

Access SL to SR is through the green room. Access from backstage to front of house is through SR corridor. A traveler curtain can seperate upstage from the thrust.  The stage floor is 3/4 in plywood with a homasote top. Screws may be used in the stage floor.

Dressing Rooms

  • Men's dressing room capacity: 15
  • Women's dressing room capacity: 15
  • Star dressing room capacity: 5

All dressing rooms are well lit and can be secured. They have mirrors, chairs, tables and garment racks. Each has its own private lavatory with sinks, toilets and showers. The dressing rooms and green room are two flights below Johnson stage level via SL stairs.  They can also be accessed via SR stairs.  Exclusive access to the green room is not always available.

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