Eun Kyeong Cho

Phone: (603) 862-4435
Office: Education, Morrill Hall Rm 210D, Durham, NH 03824
Eun Kyeong Cho


  • Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Columbia University
  • M.A., Early Childhood Education, Ewha Womans University
  • Ed.M., Columbia University
  • B.A., Early Childhood Education, Ewha Womans University

Research Interests

  • Early STEM Education
  • Immigrant Children and Families
  • Teacher training

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 900B: Intrnshp & Sem/Early Chld Educ
  • EDUC 901B: Intrnshp & Sem/Early Chld Educ
  • EDUC 948: Leadership in Early Child Educ

Selected Publications

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Cho, E. K., & Couse, L. J. (2008). Early Childhood Teacher Policy in the United States: Continuing Issues, Overcoming Barriers, and Envisioning the Future. International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy, 2(2), 15-30. doi:10.1007/2288-6729-2-2-15

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Most Cited Publications