John D. Mayer

Phone: (603) 862-3851
Office: Psychology, McConnell Hall Rm 404A, Durham, NH 03824


  • Ph.D., Psychology, Case Western Reserve University
  • M.A., Psychology, Case Western Reserve University
  • B.A., English, University of Michigan
  • B.A., English Composition, University of Michigan

Research Interests

  • Assessing human abilities to understand emotions and personalities
  • Personality psychology and measurement
  • Psychology
  • Psychometrics

Courses Taught

  • NSB 799H: Honors Senior Thesis
  • PSYC 553: Personality
  • PSYC 595: Applications of Psychology
  • PSYC 705: Tests and Measurement
  • PSYC 797: Senior Honors Tutorial
  • PSYC 954: Adv Sem/Social Psychology
  • PSYC 999: Doctoral Research

Selected Publications

Allen, J. L., & Mayer, J. D. (2022). Personal Intelligence Is Evident in the Sophistication of People's Narratives about Personality. JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENCE, 10(3). doi:10.3390/jintelligence10030056

Bryan, V. D., & Mayer, J. (2021). Are People-Centered Intelligences Psychometrically Distinct from Thing-Centered Intelligences? A Meta-Analysis. JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENCE, 9(4). doi:10.3390/jintelligence9040048

Kenney, E. M., Leichtman, M. D., & Mayer, J. D. (2021). 'How would you describe Grandpa?' Mothers' personal intelligence predicts personality talk with their children. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, 30(3), 850-866. doi:10.1111/sode.12504

Mayer, J. D., Panter, A. T., & Caruso, D. R. (2020). When people estimate their personal intelligence who is overconfident? Who is accurate?. JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY, 88(6), 1129-1144. doi:10.1111/jopy.12561

Mayer, J. D. (2020). An Integrated Approach to Personality Assessment Based on the Personality Systems Framework. JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT, 102(4), 443-456. doi:10.1080/00223891.2018.1555539

Mayer, J. D., Roberts, R. D., & Barsade, S. G. (2008). Human abilities: Emotional intelligence. ANNUAL REVIEW OF PSYCHOLOGY, 59, 507-536. doi:10.1146/annurev.psych.59.103006.093646

Mayer, J. D., Salovey, P., & Caruso, D. R. (2004). Emotional intelligence: Theory, findings, and implications. PSYCHOLOGICAL INQUIRY, 15(3), 197-215. doi:10.1207/s15327965pli1503_02

Mayer, J. D., Salovey, P., Caruso, D. R., & Sitarenios, G. (2003). Measuring Emotional Intelligence With the MSCEIT V2.0. EMOTION, 3(1), 97-105. doi:10.1037/1528-3542.3.1.97

Mayer, J. D., Caruso, D. R., & Salovey, P. (1999). Emotional intelligence meets traditional standards for an intelligence. INTELLIGENCE, 27(4), 267-298. doi:10.1016/S0160-2896(99)00016-1

Schutte, N. S., Malouff, J. M., Hall, L. E., Haggerty, D. J., Cooper, J. T., Golden, C. J., & Dornheim, L. (1998). Development and validation of a measure of emotional intelligence. Personality and Individual Differences, 25(2), 167-177. doi:10.1016/s0191-8869(98)00001-4

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