Kevin Healey

Phone: (603) 862-3344
Office: Communication, Horton SSC Rm 131, Durham, NH 03824
Kevin Healey


  • Ph.D., Communications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.A., Media Studies/History, The New School
  • B.A., Drew University

Research Interests

  • Moral, Ethical and Religious Aspects of Digital Culture

Courses Taught

  • CMN 455: Introduction to Media Studies
  • CMN 575: Research Practicum
  • CMN 596: Spc Top/Media Studies
  • CMN 599: Internship
  • CMN 696: Sem/Contmpltive Media Studies
  • CMN 772: Sem/Media & Ethics
  • CMN 796: Comm-Entary Journal

Selected Publications

Healey, K., & Potter, R. (2017). Coding the Privileged Self: Facebook and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis “Outside the Clinic”. Television and New Media, 1(1), 1-17. doi:10.1177/152747641774515/

Healey, K., & Stephens, N. (2017). Augmenting justice: Google glass, body cameras, and the politics of wearable technology. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, 15(4), 370-384. doi:10.1108/JICES-04-2016-0010

Healey, K., & Fraser, L. (2017). A common darkness: Style and spirituality in Goth subculture. Journal of Popular Music Studies, 29(3), e12231. doi:10.1111/jpms.12231

Healey, K. (2017). From Cage to Coltrane: (Un)popular Music as Contemplative Practice. Contemplative Inquiry, 4(1), 7-25. Retrieved from

Healey, K., & Woods, R. H. (2017). Processing Is Not Judgment, Storage Is Not Memory: A Critique of Silicon Valley’s Moral Catechism. Journal of Media Ethics, 32(1), 2-15. doi:10.1080/23736992.2016.1258990

Healey, K. (2016). Information is not wisdom, convergence is not integrity: Proverbs for an era of digital humanism. Explorations in Media Ecology, 15(3-4), 355-372. doi:10.1386/eme.15.3-4.355_1

Healey, K. (2016). Coercion, Consent, and the Struggle for Social Media. In C. Christians, & L. Wilkins (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Mass Media Ethics (2 ed.). Routledge.

Healey, K. (2015). Contemplative Media Studies. Religions, 6(3), 948-968. doi:10.3390/rel6030948

Healey, K. (2010). The Pastor in the Basement: Discourses of Authenticity in the Networked Public Sphere. Symbolic Interaction, 33(4), 526-551. doi:10.1525/si.2010.33.4.526

Omachonu, J. O., & Healey, K. (2009). Media Concentration and Minority Ownership: The Intersection of Ellul and Habermas. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 24(2-3), 90-109. doi:10.1080/08900520902885194

Most Cited Publications