Marla Brettschneider

Phone: (603) 862-4676
Office: Political Science, Horton SSC Rm 324, Durham, NH 03824
Marla Brettschneider


  • Ph.D., Political Science, New York University
  • M.A., Political Science, New York University
  • B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton

Research Interests

  • Diversity political theory including: feminist, queer, critical race, Jewish, class
  • Political philosophy

Selected Publications

Brettschneider, M., Bruder, E., & Le Roux, M. (2019). Africana Jewish Journeys. M. Brettschneider, E. Bruder, & M. Le Roux (Eds.).

Brettschneider, M., Burgess, S., & Keating, C. (2017). LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader.

Brettschneider, M. (2016). Jewish Feminism and Intersectionality.

Brettschneider, M. (2015). The Jewish Phenomenon in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Politics of Conflicting Discourses.

Brettschneider, M. (2006). The Family Flamboyant: Race Politics, Queer Families, Jewish Lives.

Brettschneider, M. (2002). Democratic Theorizing from the Margins.

Brettschneider, M. (1996). The Narrow Bridge: Jewish Views on Multiculturalism. M. Brettschneider (Ed.).

Brettschneider, M. (1996). Cornerstones of Peace: Jewish Identity Politics and Democratic Theory.