Patricia Emison

Professor at the University of New Hampshire, Patricia Emison is the author of several books on the Italian Renaissance, including ^The Italian Renaissance and Cultural Memory^ (Cambridge University Press, 2012) and a book on the discipline of art history, ^The Shaping of Art History^ (Penn State, 2008). She has organized or contributed to a number of exhibitions, most recently ^Myth, Allegory and Faith: The Kirk Edward Long Collection of Mannerist Prints,^ curated by Bernard Barryte, Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University, 2015, and ^Marcantonio Raimondi and Raphael, ^ curated by Edward Wouk, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, 2016. Her chapter in A Cultural History of Memory, 6 vols., eds. Alessandro Arcangeli and Marek Tamm (Stefan Berger and Jeffrey Olick, general editors), 2020, is titled ``Ideas: Philosophy, Religion, History, 1450-1700.'' ^Moving Pictures and Renaissance Art History,^ was published by Amsterdam University Press, 2021. ^Art and its Observers,^ was published by Vernon Press, 2022.

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  • Ph.D., Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
  • M.A., Columbia University
  • M.Phil., Columbia University
  • B.A., Bryn Mawr College

Research Interests

  • Art History of the Renaissance
  • Film history
  • Printmaking

Courses Taught

  • ARTH 400: Top in Art History/Art Writers
  • ARTH 444: Hon/Intro Renaissance Culture
  • ARTH 480: Introduction to Art History
  • ARTH 583: Baroque Art
  • ARTH 681: Early Renaissance Art
  • ARTH 695/795: Top in Art Hist/ Prints & Film
  • ARTH 796: Independent Study: Art History
  • ARTS 400: Topics in Art Hist/Art Writers
  • ARTS 444: Honr/Intro to Renaissance Cult
  • ARTS 480: Introduction to Art History
  • ARTS 681: Early Renaissance Art
  • ARTS 682: The High Renaissance
  • ARTS 700H: Honors Seminar
  • ARTS 796: Ind Stdy/Art History

Selected Publications

Emison, P. (2021). Moving Pictures and Renaissance Art History. Amsterdam University Press. Retrieved from

Emison, P. (2016). Marcantonio Raimondi, Raphael, and the Image Multiplied.

Emison, P. (2012). The Italian Renaissance and cultural memory. Cambridge University Press.

Emison, P. (2008). The shaping of art history: meditations on a discipline. Penn State Press.

Emison, P. (2008). Developing a twenty-first century perspective on the Renaissance. Renaissance Theory.

Emison, P. (2006). The Arts in Replication. In J. Paoletti, & R. Crum (Eds.), Renaissance Florence: A Social History.