Alexis Roach ‘23

Political Science and Justice Studies Majors

Hometown: Littleton, Mass.
Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): B.A. Political Science and Justice Studies
Graduating Class Year: 2023
Student Organizations: Alpha Phi Omega, Honors College, and Global Education Office
Did you go to Law School directly after graduating college? Yes, I plan on attending Law School directly out of college
What area of Law are you interested in? International Business Law or Health Law

I’m currently a senior, class of 2023, at the University of New Hampshire who is double majoring in political science and justice studies. I am working on my applications for law school right now, having taken the LSAT already. For students taking the LSAT, I have some recommendations for studying. I would suggest you take a “blind” or unstudied for test to get an idea of what it is like and where you are starting. From there, you can see which areas you may need to focus on more or where you are stronger. I would also recommend using the free resources available for free on Khan Academy. They provide numerous past tests along with extra study questions all for free! In applying for law school, I would recommend starting the process earlier than you might think is necessary. Taking the LSAT and having your score in the summer before you’re applying or early in the fall makes the entire application process easier to start earlier on. Last advice is that if you are thinking you want to go to law school, figure out when you want to go around the beginning of your junior year. If the answer is straight out of college, the end of your junior year is when you should start studying for the LSAT and creating an application deadline calendar!