Britta McCarthy '20

Political Science and EcoGastronomy Majors

Britta McCarthy is a graduating senior dual majoring in political science and ecogastronomy. She is passionate about developing policy to create a more equitable and sustainable agricultural system. She participated in the UNH-in-Italy program and over the past year has conducted independent research on sustainable fiber systems in New Hampshire. Britta is thrilled to be interning with Timberland/The Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) in summer 2020 to help develop a guide for a new cotton supply chain from field harvest to yarn spinner. Timberland works with the SFA to support their agroforestry model, part of which is helping to reintroduce organic cotton growing on Haiti’s smallholder farms. The guide will help the SFA to deliver their sustainable cotton to customers in the most efficient, traceable and transparent way possible. The internship is a Social Innovation Internship offered through the UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise.