Camden Roy '22

Classics and Italian Studies Majors

Camden Roy entered UNH as an English literature major because he loved to read (fun fact: he’s read at least one novel a week for the last four years). But after exploring more of COLA’s courses, he settled on a dual major in classics and Italian studies. “I ended up in these majors because of the intellectual freedom that the CHI (Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies) Department promotes,” says Roy. “Thanks to great mentors, I’ve been able to pursue my own interests in the Department.”

Those mentors include UNH lecturer Paul Robertson. In addition to participating in several independent studies and research projects under Robertson’s supervision, Camden helped him produce his most recent book, “The Cyclops Myth and the Making of Selfhood” (Gorgias Press, 2022). “I had three major roles for the book: securing image permissions from various museums around the world, providing an index and editing,” says Roy. “It was a great learning experience.”

Roy finds both his Italian studies and classics programs collegial. “The relationships forged in classical language class are like no other,” he says. “So much of our culture interacts with classical material. Understanding those interactions has reshaped the way I think.” One of Roy’s most memorable experiences has been helping organize Il Cinema Ritrovato, an Italian film festival produced each spring by CHI and the Music Hall in Portsmouth, N.H.

Taking advantage of UNH’s opportunities for undergraduate research, Roy received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) for independent study on the religious outlook of Irish writer George William Russell (Camden’s research was subsequently accepted for presentation at an annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature). “The opportunity to work on my research full-time was invaluable, both for my career and as a learning experience,” says Roy. In addition to membership in Phi Beta Kappa and Eta Sigma Phi, the classics honor society, Roy’s honors include first and second year Greek awards and the Cereta Award for Excellence in Scholarship in Italian Studies.

After graduation, Roy will pursue a doctorate in Rice University’s religion program, focusing on New Testament studies as well as a certificate in gnosticism, esotericism and mysticism.