Charlene Higgins '14

Anthropology Major | Market and Training Coordinator for NASAP
Charlene Higgins

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I am currently working at the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success in Manchester, New Hampshire as the Market & Training Coordinator for the "New American Sustainable Agriculture Project" (NASAP). NASAP is a community-based agricultural initiative that helps refugees and immigrants in NH build sustainable farm enterprises that are consistent with their culture, lifestyle, and personal aspirations, while strengthening regional agriculture as a whole.  My education in anthropology has benefited my work by providing me with the understanding that unique individuals-- with unique cultural backgrounds, life-histories, and personalities-- will have different self-defined needs, desires, and priorities. Through my coursework I have gained a strong theoretical framework that inspires the daily work I do and a deeper comprehension of the connections between complex issues related to global conflicts, agriculture and food access, social inequality, the economy, and the daily struggles diverse populations face.  Most importantly, anthropology has strengthened my dedication to serving others and seeking justice, and I have learned the significance of approaching "helping-professions" with compassion and creativity.