Darragh Gallant '97

International Affairs and Business Administration Major | Client Service, KLD Research and Analytics
gallant darragh

As an undergraduate student, I was interested in the International Affairs (IA) dual major program because it allowed me to explore my broad range of interests in such global issues as global warming and the environment, human rights, diversity and women’s rights, and indigenous community relations. Through the program I was able to combine a practical grounding in international policy issues and interactions with my economics degree, and incorporate all my coursework into a larger global framework. I was particularly interested in the effects of corporations on communities and the environment, and was able to choose courses within the IA dual major program that allowed me to explore this interest. 

Following graduation, I was offered a position with a company called Citizens Advisors, a socially responsible mutual fund company that offered investments in socially screened funds. I worked for almost four years in the social research department, an integral part of the investment management department responsible for researching and evaluating companies in the U.S. and abroad for investment based on their social and environmental records. I was involved in dialogues with companies on a variety of global social issues, ranging from sustainability reporting to diversity and human rights issues within the supply chain. I worked on shareholder activism campaigns, and communicated with the funds’ shareholders on issues of concern to them. I found myself often using the foundation and knowledge I learned as an IA student.

After leaving Citizens Advisors, I took a position at KLD Research and Analytics in Boston, an independent investment research firm providing management tools to investment professionals integrating environmental, social and governance factors into their investment decisions. I worked for several years as a research analyst, where I covered technology companies, and specialized in employee relations and corporate governance issues. A few years ago I moved into an operations role, and now manage KLD’s external communications department, where I am responsible for overseeing our marketing and client services. In my present position I work closely with many of our clients, including some of the top institutional money managers worldwide, to help them implement investment screening mandates based on a variety of environment, social and governance issues.

Professor McCann and my other professors in the IA program had a tremendous impact on me in college. Their dedication, their enthusiasm, their vision, support, and inspiration helped introduce new ideas and ways of thinking, and guide me towards a path that I have found incredibly fulfilling. Shortly after graduating I found a career that I care passionately about, one that I feel has a positive impact on society. I am truly grateful for all of their work.