Elisabeth Farrell '01

Anthropology Major | Project Director, UNH Sustainability Institute
Elizabeth Farrell

After graduating from UNH in 2001, I found a 9-month hourly position working at the UNH Sustainability Institute. I was hired to help organize a conference on sustainable agriculture and to help with other food system related work. Fast-forward over a decade later, and I continue to work at the UNH Sustainability Institute, now as a Project Director, leading and managing many different projects to advance sustainability on campus and beyond.  My undergraduate training in anthropology, with its holistic lens and multicultural perspective, provided the perfect foundation for work in sustainability. Unlike many academic disciplines, anthropology is all about how things are connected, as is sustainability. Throughout my career at the Sustainability Institute, I’ve been involved in many projects that bring together seemingly disparate people and ideas to create new collaborations, like the humanities and sustainability, eating and morality, and art and consumption. Helping to move these transdisciplinary conversations and projects forward keeps me excited—and ever-curious!—about human behavior and culture.