James Moses '89G

History Master's Degree | Professor of History
photo of James Moses

What are you currently doing for work and what path did you take to get to this point?

After earning my Master of Arts degree in history at UNH, I went on to doctoral studies at Tulane University, and eventually to a professorship at Arkansas Tech University, where I am a historian and hold the rank of professor of history.

How did your education in COLA prepare you for life after college?

Without question, my years (1986-1989) at UNH were formative in my career. Working with Dr. Robert Mennel and taking classes with professors such as Harvard Sitkoff and Charles Clark set me on a path to where I am now. It was there, with those professors primarily, that I learned how to be an historian. The skills and knowledge I gained at UNH prepared me for success at Tulane, and in my career after graduate school.

What person or course most influenced you while at UNH? In what way?

Taking courses with Professor Harvard Sitkoff exposed me to the fields I wanted to pursue in history, and he taught me how to be a better writer. Dr. Charles Clark's seminar on Early American Newspapers resulted in a paper that became my first published article; however, my greatest debt is to Dr. Robert Mennel, who worked closely with me in courses and in directing my M.A. thesis.  His intellectual history course was rigorous and incredibly enlightening. He was a great influence in my career going forward.

What do you know now that you wish you'd known while at UNH?

How to better budget my time. Life as a grad student can be hectic!

What advice do you have for students interested in your field?

Apply yourself, immerse yourself, in your studies. Enjoy the process: these experiences will stay with you for the rest of your life, and they are invaluable in helping you become the fully-realized professional you can be.