Jessica Charlesworth '11

Classics Major | Latin Teacher
jessica charlesworth

During my time as a Classics major at UNH, I found myself surrounded by expert professors who were truly invested in their students’ success, which at a large university, is quite a rare occurrence. It was this very zeal for the subject matter and their grace in teaching that sparked my own passion for the classical world. Reading selections of the most influential literature with amiable classmates and dynamic instructors made for an intellectually fulfilling four years of undergraduate study. Finding myself so taken by the beauty, challenge, and rigor of Latin, I decided to spend my life sharing my passion with other students. Over the past six years as a high school teacher, I have recognized that one of my most meaningful responsibilities as an educator of Latin is to fashion students to have disciplined habits of mind— the ability to reason, to be articulate in speaking, and to think critically and analytically—skills which I would not have acquired without a degree in Classics, particularly without the esteemed program that UNH has to offer.