Justin Lixweiller '10

Anthropology Major | Inpatient Hospice Care
lixweiller justin

As an anthropology undergraduate I pursed coursework and fieldwork in biological anthropology, studies that evolved from interests in forensic anthropology, to bioarchaeology to public health.  Soon after obtaining my B.A. in anthropology I followed this fluid path toward becoming a registered nurse. 

Anthropology, the study of humans as social and biological beings, is the study of the art and science of humanity, and as such an education in anthropology is translatable into innumerable careers.  My experience with anthropology provided a strong, knowledgeable foundation for my studies and daily practice of the art and science of nursing.

I now work in a hospice house providing acute inpatient hospice care to patients with end-of-life diagnoses and complex comorbidities. Treatment in this realm of healthcare requires multifaceted and creative pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. Such interventions are directed at compassionate care of physical, mental and emotional symptoms experienced by both patients and their loved ones, an approach strengthened by my education and experiences with anthropology.