Kevin McDonough Student Fellow '24

Theatre Major
Kevin McDonough Student Fellow Headshot FY24

What made you choose UNH?
Accepted students day and meeting the faculty and one of the students, the financial aid package, and family history of attending UNH.
Did you come in as undeclared or change to undeclared at any point? How did you decide on your major(s)?

UNH was the only B.A. program in New England that focused on Theatre first and mixed in education rather than being Education first and taking a few Education courses.
f you had to explain to someone in one or two sentences why you love your major/major department, what would you say? (if you have more than one major, please explain for both)
Theatre Education is teaching me all the things that I would need to go into an educational setting if I so chose.
Theatre Technology and Design sets me up for future career choices whether I want to go on tour with a company that is going internationally or there is a theatre that I would like to work in.
Who has been your most impactful professor and why?

My most impactful professor has certainly been Lih-Hwa Yu. He has guided me on my college path and always pushed me further to make my success more reasonable and manageable for myself. Any time I’ve done an independent study we often meet for very long periods of time each week to make sure I am fully understanding what I’m doing.
What has been your favorite experience at UNH so far? Please describe why.

My favorite experience was getting to meet people during the pandemic year, which was my freshman year. It was during a time when people couldn’t really see each other, but in classes people in my grade were so kind and welcoming even though they were already starting to form groups of friends they all welcomed and supported everyone.
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned at UNH so far? Please explain

You can only get the results you want if you put in the work necessary. As mentioned before, Lih-Hwa is a big supporter in you taking a hold of your education and it really pushes the idea that if I don’t put in the work then it won’t be the final product that I wanted to work towards.
you participated in experiential learning such as internships, study abroad, independent research, etc.? If so, which ones and what value did you find in those experiences? (please list all but you can elaborate on just your favorite/most valuable one or two)
had the opportunity to do the 10-day London Experience and it was honestly an amazing experience as we got to sight see, learn the history of London and also see a bunch of shows that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see in America.

Have you received scholarships or funding from COLA or UNH that has made a big difference for you; for example, enabled you to do something you wouldn’t have been able to do? Could you explain in one or two sentences that impact?
For a while I had the work study scholarship and a few others from COLA and UNH and it truly made the difference of whether I could come to UNH or not, financially. I was able to apply to the THDA Technical Assistant program and work in the scene shop and better my craft to prepare me for real world experiences.
Are you involved in any groups, clubs, or organizations? If so, which ones?
For a while I was involved with Mask and Dagger and it was where I first got my foot in the door with lighting design. I was the Assistant Lighting Designer and got knowledge from two seniors that were on their way out that became invaluable to me in future applications.
Have you won any awards while at UNH? Please explain. 

I have not won any awards while at UNH.
Is there anything particularly awesome about being in the College of Liberal Arts?

I think the faculty and staff are the really awesome parts. There is always someone to be there to listen if you need advice and they will give you real advice and not sugar coat things. There are also so many learning opportunities within COLA and they really allow you to grow as a person and professional.
In what ways do you
think (or hope) your liberal arts education has prepared you for career and professional success?

think my liberal arts education has made me a better person. I am not just confined to one area and I have so many doors open to me with what I can do and I will have so many contacts at the school and also people that they know will be people I can meet. Networking becomes much easier in college as everyone is from various parts of the country.

are your plans for after graduation?

graduation I would like to go on a tour with a show or work in a theatre somewhere.

The other option I could go with is being the head of an education
department at an established theatre.

What is one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera on tour, on Broadway and internationally.