Lauren Banker '13

Anthropology and Women's Studies Major | Public Affairs Organizer, Planned Parenthood
Lauren Banker

Upon graduation from the University of New Hampshire in May 2013 I've jumped right into social justice work.  I have been devoted to the issue of reproductive justice since beginning my time at UNH and I find it very rewarding to find myself in a career path that puts the same emphasis on a topic that has such an influence on health and well-being of our society.  Currently, in my role as NH Public Affairs Organizer for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, I am responsible for cultivating and managing activists and volunteers who are equally dedicated to this mission.  In addition to this on a regular basis I get the chance to promote and protect access to reproductive health services at local public affairs events, legislative engagements, and within our local health centers.  Just recently I have been given the opportunity to expand the work that I do to include advocacy on behalf of Planned Parenthood's Global Health initiatives.  I am very excited for this chance to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the community health work we are doing abroad.

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