Megan Cooper '19

Art History and Geography Majors
photo of Megan Cooper in the Museum of Art with staff

Megan Cooper has either attended or worked at sleepaway camps more summers of her life than not. These experiences instilled in her “a love for environments created for kids to be themselves, grow, explore, create, and gain confidence and independence.”

Such a childhood can also produce the kind of person who feels at home most anywhere in the world. And in choosing to attend UNH, Megan intended to do just that: make herself at home in the world.

Megan oozes maturity and perspective. She came to UNH from Matamoras, Pa., armed with a Presidential Scholarship and an open mind. “I chose UNH because of its variety of majors, as a very undecided freshman. I knew I wanted to do something with the arts but was unsure of what or where my interests would lead me.”

She chose art history and geography, bucking convention and determining “not to sweat it over this paper or that exam, but to see how the larger context of the research or concept I was working on would prepare me for life and help make me the person I was meant to be.”

See? Mature.

On the other hand, Megan was also curious and open to adventure. When she was unsure of what art history class to take, her advisor challenged her to take a harder one, European Modernism, with a new professor, Hyewon Yoon, instead of going the comfortable route with a more familiar professor. “This class gave me confidence where I had always been unsure,” Megan says, adding “and to think I almost didn’t take it!”

Yoon’s class launched Megan along a pathway of rich experiences that included a fellowship at the Museum of Art in the Paul Creative Arts Center, where she gained “professional experience” curating world-renowned exhibiting artists and “working with community members of all ages” who came to see exhibits.

A study abroad in London gave Megan a comparative understanding of the differences between London’s lively theater districts and the newer ones back home. “I really enjoyed the experience of exploring a new city, going to musicals and plays I usually would not splurge on, and immersing myself in as many museums I could fit into the schedule!”

After graduation, she plans on moving to Belgium to continue to gain experience in the art field by working at a gallery or museum and traveling throughout Europe as much as she can. Once there, the self-described “foodie” will continue to enjoy yoga, geocaching and walks on the beach.

At home in the world.