Timothy Scott Student Fellow '24

Music Major
Timothy Scott Student Fellow Headshot FY24

What made you choose UNH?
from New Hampshire, so in-state tuition was a big factor. Also, my sister attended UNH a few years ago, so I was familiar with the school. I met with David Newsam, the guitar faculty in the music department and hit it off.

you come in as undeclared or change to undeclared at any point? How did you decide on your major{s)?

was never undeclared. I knew I wanted to major in music. I talked with Rob Haskins over the phone while considering the school and decided the Music Liberal Studies B.A. would be a great fit. My Russian Minor was something I decided on later, and was able to fit it in.

you had to explain to someone in one or two sentences why you love your major/major 
department, what would you say? {if you have more than one major, please explain for both)
I've loved
playing and studying the guitar for a long time, and working with David Newsam has been a great experience. The music department is very close-knit and encouraging, and just a great group of people to be around. 
I decided to study Russian to fulfill my foreign language requirement but continued studying because of how wonderful Ekaterina Burvikova is. I've joined the Russian honors society, Dobro Slovo, and we host tea party's and other small events for Russian students.
has been your most impactful professor and why?

think David Newsam has had the greatest impact on me. He has always pushed me further in learning my instrument, been ready to provide resources and opportunities. I've had the chance to play with Opera Maine and put on a concert with the Portsmouth Guitar Society because of him.

has been your favorite experience at UNH so far? Please describe why.

junior recital last semester is a highlight. It was the culmination of a lot of work over the past few years and it was really great to see many friends and family turn out to see it! Many of the pieces I performed I had been working on over the last two years.

the most important lesson you've learned at UNH so far? Please explain.

learned how important it is to manage your own time well. If something needs to be done, or work in a class completed, you need to manage yourself and be responsible for yourself.

you participated in experiential learning such as internships, study abroad, independent research, etc.? If so, which ones and what value did you find in those experiences? {please list all but you can elaborate on just your favorite/most valuable one or two)

haven't been able to take part in study abroad or internships. This is a problem with being a non-traditional student, it's difficult for me to afford paying for an apartment in New Hampshire and travelling or working an internship.

Have you received scholarships or funding from COLA
or UNH that has made a big difference for you; for example, enabled you to do something you wouldn't have been able to do? Could you explain in one or two sentences that impact?

Music Department scholarship I received upon beginning my studies as well as the Presser 
Scholarship this year have allowed me to attend UNH for almost no cost which Is a great help to me. I'm a non-traditional student, in that I waited several years after graduating High School before choosing higher education. Any expense I can spare while paying rent and working is a great help.
Are you involved in any groups, clubs, or organizations? If so, which ones?
I am involved in Dobro Slovo, the Russian honors group, and the Fellowship Crew of the music

you won any awards while at UNH? Please explain.

semester I won an award for my success in second year Russian. I also took part in the Harvard Olympiad for non-native Russian speakers and won first in the song category. I received the Presser award this semester in the music department. 

Is there anything particularly awesome about being in the College of Liberal Arts?
love being able to take part in so many different types of activities in COLA. For example, l
anguage departments show films and invite speakers, and there are so many great concerts to attend from the music department. 
In what ways do you think {or hope) your liberal arts education has prepared you for career and professional success?
think the skills I've developed in synthesizing information and writing will help me 
professionally. The performance opportunities I've taken part in at UNH have prepared me for making music in all kinds of ensembles in the future. Working with David Newsam has also helped me in beginning to teach guitar students of my own.
are your plans for after graduation?

am beginning the process of looking into grad schools now. I know I would like to achieve a master's degree. I'm unsure about whether I start that process directly after graduating from UNH or after a year off. We'll see!

is one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

am a film photography lover! I like to fix up old cameras and use them. I also develop all my film at home, in old school photojournalist style, in the bathroom.