Charli Kettyle Student Fellow '24

Psychology Major
Charli Kettyle Student Fellow FY24

What made you choose UNH?
I chose to come to UNH due to its beautiful campus and outstanding academic opportunities. I toured UNH when I was 16 and committed to play for the university's women's hockey team that same year because I knew UNH was where I wanted to go to university.

Did you come in as undeclared or change to undeclared at any point? How did you decide on your major(s)?

I came in as a freshman already declared as a psychology major. I had known since I was in grade 10 that I wanted to study psychology as not only do I find it very interesting, it also keeps the doors open for several career opportunities.

If you had to explain to someone in one or two sentences why you love your major/major department, what would you say? (if you have more than one major, please explain for both)

I love my major because it allows me to take some of the most interesting courses offered her at UNH while still working toward my degree.
Who has been your most impactful professor and why?

I am fortunate enough to have had several professors that have made very positive impacts on my life. I have been in the university honors program since the second semester of my freshman year and two of the most impactful professors I have had are Lisa MacFarlane and Janet Polasky. Both of these women went out of their way to make sure their students were enjoying and achieving in their class. However, the most impactful professor I am currently getting to work with is Dr. Ellen Cohn. She accepted to be my honors thesis sponsor/advisor last year and I have gotten to know her over the past several months. She has been one of the most approachable, understanding, and helpful professors I have ever gotten to personally work with, and I am very grateful she chose to be my advisor and work with me on my honors thesis.

What has been your favorite experience at UNH so far? Please describe why.

So far, my favorite experience at UNH has been just the overall experience of being an international student-athlete. I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada so having the opportunity to go to school in the United States has been a very cool experience. Furthermore, the athletic community here at UNH is very tight knit where we pretty much all know each other. Being an international student can be quite intimidating but being a part of this community gave me something in common with many other people who were in the same position I was in and because of that I have met some of my best friends for life.
What's the most important lesson you've learned at UNH so far? Please explain.

The most important lesson I have learned since being at UNH is the value of independence. Before university I would always get caught up in always wanting to be around people and never wanting to be alone as it was seen as embarrassing. However, since moving away from home and not being able to see my family for seven months during the pandemic I had to learn how to do a lot of things by myself and from then I learned how to value and appreciate just being in my own company. Beyond that, I have learned how to fully function by myself (I.e. cooking for myself, cleaning, booking appointments etc.) which has taught me several lessons. Also, UNH has provided me with the resources and opportunities I need to be able to be completely independent, so if it weren't for UNH, I'm not sure I would have learned this valuable lesson. 
Have you participated in experiential learning such as internships, study abroad, independent research, etc.? If so, which ones and what value did you find in those experiences? (please list all but you can elaborate on just your favorite/most valuable one or two)

I am currently participating in a thesis research project as well as an independent study with Dr. Cohn. My thesis project topic is Racial Attitude Effects on Jury Deliberation: Effects of Victim and Offender Race. My independent study is still undecided, but I think it is going to be research related to the role of emotion in the rule-violating behavior of adolescents.

Have you received scholarships or funding from COLA or UNH that has made a big difference for you; for example, enabled you to do something you wouldn't have been able to do? Could you explain in one or two sentences that impact

I am currently receiving a full scholarship from UNH for being on the women's ice hockey team, which has made such a big difference in not only my life, but my family's life. If it were not for this scholarship, I would not have been able to attend university in the United States and I would have missed out on every opportunity and experience I have had over the past three years. Also, since my education is being paid for, my parents have been able to save a lot of money that we are now able to put towards graduate school. I have also qualified for a COLA scholarship each year I have been here, which awards me $2000 a year ($1000 a semester) that I put toward covering my alien tax, a tax that every international student must pay each semester for going to school in the United States.
Are you involved in any groups, clubs, or organizations? If so, which ones?

I am on the university's women's ice hockey team, so between that and school, most of my time is accounted for. I am also involved in SAAC, which is the university's student-athlete advisory committee, which is a club where a few representatives from each sports team are chosen to discuss issues among athletics, volunteering at events, running campaigns, raising money for charities (i.e. food frenzy food drive) and more. Academically, I am in the university's honors program.
Have you won any awards while at UNH? Please explain.

During my time at UNH, I have won a few athletic and academic awards such as: Hockey East All-Academic Team (2021, 2022), AHCA All-American Scholar (2021), National College Athlete Honor Society, and a Krampade All-American Scholar. The Hockey Easy All-Academic Team is awarded to players who achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in both academic semesters of competition. The Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society "consists of junior and senior student-athletes from a wide range of sports and majors. The members must achieve a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 or higher and be of good moral character." Lastly, the Krampade All-American scholar award is awarded to student-athletes that have attained a 3.75 or higher-grade point average for each semester and played in a minimum of 40 percent of the team's games in the 2022-23 season. I am also in my second year of being the team captain. Academically, I qualify for the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society award.

Is there anything particularly awesome about being in the College of Liberal Arts?

Although there are several awesome things about being in the College of Liberal Arts, something that is particularly awesome are the resources provided to the students in COLA. For example, every staff member I have dealt with in the college always provides me with resources I can go to for help, such as the writing lab, but they also try to help me themselves in one way or another. Every professor I have had for a COLA class has gone above and beyond my expectations in encouraging me to push myself, be creative, and chase my goals.

In what ways do you think (or hope) your liberal arts education has prepared you for career and professional success?

I think that my liberal arts education has prepared me for my career and professional success by giving me experience in several different classes as well as teaching me a lot of different material I can use throughout not only my education but my career and life. My liberal arts education has also taught me how to be professional in certain situations which will definitely help me in my career success.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Since my freshman year was amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I was given an extra year of eligibility for hockey. So, my plan after I graduate in the Spring of 2024 is to transfer to another institution that offers NCAA women's division 1 ice hockey and play my last year of hockey there. I hope to attain either a graduate certificate or possibly my master's while playing for the next university. Beyond that, I hope to either go to law school and become a lawyer one day or go to school for my PhD and become a forensic psychologist.

What is one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

One thing that people might be surprised to learn about me is that I am from a very small town in the country. This would be surprising for people to learn because I enjoy being in the city and doing typical "city" things, such as shopping, whereas I do not enjoy typical "country" things, such as hunting, fishing, camping, etc.