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Programs of study, representative courses and selected curricular initiatives in the College of Liberal Arts that focus on issues of diversity and inclusion.


  • Africana & African American Studies minor
  • Asian Studies minor
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies minor
  • Latin American Studies minor
  • Middle Eastern Studies minor
  • Race and Ethnic Studies minor
  • Religious Studies minor
  • Social Justice Leadership minor
  • Queer Studies minor
  • Women’s and Gender Studies major and minor

Interdisciplinary Studies


Across the College, a multitude of courses address diversity and inclusion. A few representative examples include:

  • Anthropology of Islam (anthropology)
  • Gender, Race, and Class in the Media (communication)
  • Mentoring Adolescents with Disabilities (education)
  • On Race in Culture and Society (English)
  • African American History (history)
  • Comparative Identity Politics (political science)
  • Hispanic Cultural Studies (Spanish)
  • Intro to LGBTQ Studies (women’s and gender studies)

Course Search

First-Year Writing and Diversity

Led by Professors Cris Beemer and Christina Ortmeier-Hooper of the English Department, this initiative involves a collaboration with Professor Teresa Redd of Howard University to work with First-Year Writing (ENGL 401) instructors to weave issues of diversity, tolerance and civic engagement into course content and pedagogical practice.

ESL Institute

ESL Institute faculty have been teaching international students English since 1976. In addition to six levels of intensive and academic English instruction, the ESL Institute has a long history of customizing its programs to work with groups by accommodating their English and programmatic needs through specialized summer programs or specialized programs during the academic year.

ESL Institute