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Programs of study, representative courses and selected curricular initiatives in the College of Liberal Arts that focus on issues of diversity and inclusion.


  • Africana & African American Studies minor
  • Asian Studies minor
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies minor
  • Latin American Studies minor
  • Middle Eastern Studies minor
  • Race and Ethnic Studies minor
  • Religious Studies minor
  • Social Justice Leadership minor
  • Queer Studies minor
  • Women’s and Gender Studies major and minor

Interdisciplinary Studies


Across the College, a multitude of courses address diversity and inclusion. A few representative examples include:

  • Anthropology of Islam (anthropology)
  • Gender, Race, and Class in the Media (communication)
  • Mentoring Adolescents with Disabilities (education)
  • On Race in Culture and Society (English)
  • African American History (history)
  • Comparative Identity Politics (political science)
  • Hispanic Cultural Studies (Spanish)
  • Intro to LGBTQ Studies (women’s and gender studies)

Course Search

First-Year Writing and Diversity

Led by Professors Cris Beemer and Christina Ortmeier-Hooper of the English Department, this initiative involves a collaboration with Professor Teresa Redd of Howard University to work with First-Year Writing (ENGL 401) instructors to weave issues of diversity, tolerance and civic engagement into course content and pedagogical practice.