Student Ambassadors


photo of 10 student ambassadors

pictured from left to right: Malaa Sultan, Riley Boss, Megan Cooper, Cameron Brusko, Parker Gauthier, Olivia Olbrych, Peter Jaarsma, Abigail McIntosh, Ari Toumpas, Adam Bovie

Meet the College of Liberal Arts Student Ambassadors. Each year, the College selects a small number of senior students to represent the University, the College and their respective academic departments. Students are nominated by faculty and administrators and chosen by the associate dean of the College for their dynamic backgrounds and stellar academic records. The program is intended to recognize fine achievement at UNH and provide a way for students to serve the University in their final year of study.

2019 Student Ambassadors

Riley Boss
Adam Bovie
Cameron Brusko
Megan Cooper
Parker Gauthier
Peter Jaarsma
Abigail McIntosh
Olivia Olbrych
Malaa Sultan
Ari Toumpas

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